The final of the second “The Masked Singer Switzerland” season took place on Wednesday evening. Here you can find out which celebrities were in the costumes of the three finalists.

The final starts with a joint performance by the finalists and the advice team. Everyone sang “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins with a lot of passion.

The mammoth wins & laquo; The Masked Singer Switzerland & raquo;

After their appearance, Christa Rigozzi (38) and Luca Hänni (27) sit down at the advice desk one last time. They will be supported this week by musician Baschi (35, left).

The mammoth wins & laquo; The Masked Singer Switzerland & raquo;

The finale of “The Masked Singer Switzerland” will also be moderated by Anna Maier (44).

That's what

  • The TV show “The Masked Singer Switzerland »perform celebrities in full body costumes. A guessing team and the audience should find out during the program who is hiding under the masks.

  • The mammoth won the final on Wednesday. Ritschi (42) was in the costume.

  • Also unmasked was the peacock (Sandra Studer, 52) in second place and the penguin (Walter Andreas Müller, 76) in third place.

  • Last year's winner Baschi (35) supported the final as a guest the regular advice team Luca Hänni (27) and Christa Rigozzi (38).

On Wednesday evening, the guessing went into the very last round: The finale of the second season of “The Masked Singer Switzerland” was broadcast live on TV. Moderator Anna Maier (44) welcomed the regular advice team Luca Hänni (27) and Christa Rigozzi (38), as well as Baschi (35), the guest of the week for the last time. With the marmot mask on his head, the musician won the first season of the format a good year ago.

In the final episode of “The Masked Singer Switzerland”, three other celebrities from different areas fought for the trophy – as always, hidden under fancy masks that hide their identities. The giraffe as actress Tonia Maria Zindel (49), the ant as ex-ski racer Marco Büchel (50), the Dschinni as presenter Marco Fritsche (45), the panda as musician Nemo (22) and that have already been unmasked in past live shows Glacé as singer Nicole Bernegger (44).

Globi hides in the penguin

First the penguin split upafter a short voting came out in third place. Until the end, the advice team had not come to a final agreement on who could be wearing this costume. The moment of unmasking was all the more exciting when it became clear: Actor Walter Andreas Müller (76) was the penguin.

 The mammoth wins & laquo; The Masked Singer Switzerland & raquo;

Walter Andreas Müller (76) and his penguin costume in the festive tent.

“It is insane for me that an old biscuit like me was making this for six weeks,” said Walter Andreas Müller immediately after his unmasking. He's never seen anything like it. For fans, as the longtime voice of Globi summed up, it was clear relatively quickly who was wearing the penguin costume. «The jump from Globi to Pingu was made so quickly, it was obvious. But I think that didn't hurt the whole thing. »

“More exhausting than a children's birthday”

In the very last decision of the second “The Masked Singer Switzerland” season, the Pfau came up short. The advice team had long suspected moderator and singer Sandra Studer (52) – and rightly so, as became clear during the unmasking.

The mammoth wins & laquo; The Masked Singer Switzerland & raquo;

The presenter and singer Sandra Studer (52) hid in the peacock costume.

Visibly relieved, Sandra Studer took off the peacock's huge head. “You sweat a lot under this thing,” she admitted with a laugh. “At the beginning I was told that it was like a huge children's birthday party. But it was definitely more exhausting than a child's birthday, ”says the Zurich native. It was a big task to perform in costume, but she also had “unbelievable fun”.

The mammoth wins the trophy

Am At the end of the live show, there was only one candidate left with his mask on: The Mammoth . This celebrity was last unmasked as the winner. And the fall of the final mask revealed none other than musician Ritschi (42).

The mammoth wins & laquo; The Masked Singer Switzerland & raquo;

Ritschi (42) wins the final as a mammoth.

After his victory at “The Masked Singer Switzerland”, the plush singer said that he was “almost a little wistful” because the entertainment show is now over. He had a lot of fun standing on stage as a mammoth. However, it was difficult for Ritschi to keep the secret of his participation for six weeks: “I poured my wife pure wine, but my two children didn't know anything.”

What celebrities the advice team Anything else suspected under the masks in the final can be found in the photo gallery above.

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