The landlady of the Bächer restaurant has received an unpleasant message. Your Christmas decorated tent on the terrace should be dismantled, as it would not fit the site.

The landlady of the Bächer restaurant in Wittenbach SG received an unpleasant message at the beginning of December. She should take down the tents in front of her restaurant, as they would not fit into the townscape.

landlady should dismantle tent , which no longer exists

But as it turned out, the yellow Schützengarten tents were meant, which were already gone. The community announced this, but one community worker remained stubborn: “A tent is a tent and it has to go now,” he is said to have said.

landlady should dismantle tent that no longer exists

Now the landlady can breathe a sigh of relief. Since it was a misunderstanding, the tents decorated for Christmas can stay until at least the end of January. “Among other things, it has to be checked whether the new tent complies with fire protection regulations,” says Mayor Oliver Gröble.


  • The landlady of the Bächer restaurant was asked to remove the tent in front of her restaurant.

  • The tent would not match the townscape.

  • Later it turned out that there was a misunderstanding.

  • For the tents that are to be removed, are yellow Schützengarten tents.

  • The yellow tents were removed almost two weeks ago.

At the beginning of December, Jeanine Zimmermann, landlady of the Bächer restaurant in Wittenbach SG, received a letter from the community. She is asked to remove the yellow Schützengarten tents, as they would not fit in with the townscape. But dismantling is not even possible. The tents are already gone and have been replaced by new tents decorated for Christmas.

She therefore went to the community and announced that the tents were replaced and the yellow tents are no longer there, as reported by “FM1Today”. She could not be happy about the answer from one of the community workers: “A tent is a tent and it has to go now,” he is supposed to have said. This decision made her very sad. “I felt completely alone,” said the landlady. Because the Christmas lights are a matter of the heart.

In the end just a misunderstanding

As it turns out, however, there is a misunderstanding on the part of the building commission. «The building commission decided on November 4th that the yellow Schützengarten tents have to be removed. The commission had no knowledge of the current tent, however, as no application had yet been submitted », says Oliver Gröble, Mayor of Wittenbach.

The situation now needs to be reassessed. “Among other things, it must be checked whether the new tent complies with fire protection regulations,” says Gröble. The landlady of the restaurant can breathe a sigh of relief for the moment. The current provisional solution can remain in place until the new meeting in January.

The landlady is very happy about that. “It would be a shame, especially at Christmas time, if we had to take down the tent,” she says.

Furthermore, they don't want to put any obstacles in the way of people, says the mayor. “Normally, such tents can only be set up for three months without a permit,” says Gröble. During the pandemic, however, they are very accommodating. Some of the tents could have stayed there for a year or even longer. “However, the tents must be Corona-compliant,” says Gröble.

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