The Knights of Columbus of Saint-Elie join the Batalla-Charris family

The Knights of Columbus of Saint-Élie-d’Orford have decided to make a difference in the cause of the Batalla-Charris, the family of Colombian origin who was expelled from the country last month after five years of integration in Sherbrooke. Council 8053, which will now collect donations directed to the family in exchange for official receipts, plans to mobilize from the first days of 2020 to raise funds.
“It touches me a lot,” explains Pierre Côté, grand knight of the council. They are Sherbrookers who were deported. No, they are not Canadian, but we don’t care. […] Our mission is to help people in need. It is certain that it is a Catholic movement, but that the people in need are Muslim, Catholic or Buddhist, it does not matter. Human aid is our first mission, and charity is one of our main principles. ”

Approached two weeks ago by Marc Nadeau, a family friend, Mr. Côté and his colleagues from the Chevaliers de Colomb de Saint-Élie d’Orford quickly felt the need to help Normando Charris and Carolina Batalla as well as ‘to their three children, one of whom was born in Quebec. They will study in the coming days the best way to collect donations for the family, who currently lives with ten people in a 4 and a half with relatives in Spain.

“Maybe it will be a spaghetti supper, maybe it will be something else. Mr. Nadeau remains the conductor of all of this, and we will follow his instructions, ”said Mr. Côté on Tuesday, while he was in the middle of preparations for the first New Year’s Eve that the council was organizing.

The goal would be to raise $ 15,000, says Marc Nadeau, who recalls that the deportation would have cost the family almost half that amount. “We don’t want them to stay with this mortgage on their hands. We cannot make a difference with regard to their administrative file, but at least we can send something to make their lives easier, “he said, recalling that Mr. Charris and Ms. Batalla still have not employment in Spain and that they will not be entitled to government social assistance in the country for one year.

“We are very realistic, we know that we will not be able to amass it with a snap of our fingers, but many people have said they want to help the family. Now it will be easier if they can get a tax receipt. We are very happy that the Knights of Columbus decided to help us, it sends a strong signal; the people of Sherbrooke want to bring the family back to their city. ”

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