The semifinals of “The Masked Singer Switzerland” took place on Wednesday evening. This time the ice cream was unveiled. Here you can find out who was wearing the costume.

Singer Francine Jordi (44) is part of the semifinals as a member of the council of« The Masked Singer Switzerland ».

The ice cream must take off its mask

She supports the regular advice team, which consists of Christa Rigozzi (38) and Luca Hänni (27).

 The ice cream; has to take off its mask

” The Masked Singer Switzerland »live show again by Anna Maier (44).

That's what

  • is aboutCelebrities in full-body costumes perform on the TV show “The Masked Singer Switzerland”. A guessing team and the audience should find out who is hiding under the masks in the course of the program.

  • The ice cream was thrown out in the semifinals on Wednesday evening. Nicole Bernegger (44) was in the costume.

  • Singer Francine Jordi (44) supported the regular advice team Luca Hänni (27) and Christa Rigozzi (38) as a guest this week .

On Wednesday evening, things got down to business: the semifinals of the new season of “The Masked Singer Switzerland” were broadcast live on TV. Moderator Anna Maier (44) once again welcomed the regular advice team Luca Hänni (27) and Christa Rigozzi (38), as well as the guest of the week, hit and pop singer Francine Jordi (44).

In the fifth episode of the entertainment show, four celebrities from different areas fought for the trophy – hidden under fancy masks that hide their identities. This is after actress Tonia Maria Zindel (49) as giraffe, ex-ski racer Marco Büchel (50) as ant, TV presenter Marco Fritsche (45) as Dschinni and musician Nemo (22) as panda were revealed in previous live shows.

«The main thing is to be there»

After all four celebrities had performed their performances, the TV audience decided who had the worst performance on the live show. After the voting it was clear: The ice cream had to leave “The Masked Singer Switzerland” and remove the mask. And the unmasking finally showed – Nicole Bernegger (44) was in an ice cream suit.

 The ice cream; has to take off its mask

Nicole Bernegger (44) was hidden under the ice cream mask.

So the advice team is right with their tip on Nicole Bernegger, who has been mentioned repeatedly for several weeks. The unmasked is not so sad that she is now eliminated so shortly before the final. “It doesn't matter what day you are kicked out. The main thing is to be there », says Nicole. But the singer and former “The Voice of Switzerland” winner admits: The sweeping costume was definitely a “challenge” for her. Be it “Mega hot” underneath.

If you are still in the race and, according to the advice team, could be under the masks, you can find out in the photo gallery above. And if you have a tip too have: Let us know in the comments!

“The Masked Singer Switzerland” is broadcast live on ProSieben Switzerland every Wednesday at 8:15 pm.

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