Just in time for the start of autumn, the shooter game is getting a Halloween update. This year there are a number of well-known skins and game mechanics as well as many innovations.

The« Fortnitemares »Halloween event is back! Players expect new skins, missions and much more …

 The Halloween event in & laquo; Fortnite & raquo; has begun

… among other things a new weapon: The double monster hunter is said to be particularly effective in the fight against dice monsters be.

The Halloween event in & laquo; Fortnite & raquo ; has started

A real-size battle bus recently appeared in Hollywood. This is to promote a collaboration with Universal Film.

That's what

  • Halloween is just around the corner, also in «Fortnite».

  • Epic Games has announced some events for this.

  • An overview of these can be found here.

Fans who have been playing Fortnite for years are already familiar with the annual Fortnitemares Halloween event. However, a lot has changed since 2017. The nightmares event in the famous Battle Royale mode should be even more extensive this year than before. Weekly updates should come in October, which will bring new skins and content.

The fight against the dice

Epic Games already announced a new weapon: the double monster hunter. Fortnite players already know the monster hunter, a one-handed crossbow. With the double variant, as the name suggests, you hold two small crossbows in your hands, which enables a faster shooting speed. The Dual Fiend Hunters can be found in chests and supply balloons, but do not appear in competitive matches. The weapons cause particularly high damage to dice monsters that have to be hunted in the event.

Third short film festival in «Fortnite»

“Shortnite” continues with “Nightmares”, an in-game film festival. According to Epic Games, the focus of these animated short films is on creepy and sinister things in keeping with the Halloween season. The festival takes place in a cinema created by “Quantum Builds”, an American “Fortnite” card studio. The films are played in a suitably designed cinema and can be viewed in any order.

«Fortnite» battle bus in real life

Before The famous blue battle bus from the game is in life-size in the Universal Film Building in Hollywood. The reason for this is a collaboration with Universal Film and Epic Games. Costumed actors are asked to promote new skins in the game. For example, “Frankenstein's Monster” and the “Mummy” are to be used as outfits. The same characters that are available in the in-game shop should also stand in front of the battle bus in Hollywood and pose for selfies with fans.

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