Those responsible are still working on a future E-ID. You can already register at several federal agencies via a centrally regulated login. This is now also possible with the login of selected cantons as well as the Swiss universities.

In the future, it will be possible to register for all government services that take part in the CH-LOGIN program with logins issued by a canton or a Swiss university.

 The federal government now also accepts cantonal and student logins f & uuml; r government services

There is still no news on the subject of E-ID. Last November, the people rejected the proposal from the authorities.

That's what it's all about

  • The digital login option CH-Login offers digital identification for administrative procedures.

  • This is now also possible with cantonal logins and those of Swiss universities.

  • Meanwhile, the new proposal for a Swiss E-ID is still a long way off.

As the Federal Chancellery announced on Thursday, the federal administration will in future also accept electronic proof of identity from cantons and universities as part of the CH-LOGIN program. According to the federal government, around 500 official services can currently be accessed via the program. So far, many have had to make the detour via registration with the federal government despite an existing login to a canton or university. This is now no longer applicable. In the communication, the canton of Schaffhausen is explicitly mentioned, and there is an exchange with other cantons. The edu-ID has existed for several years and offers members of Swiss universities a digital login for various services.

Future design of the E-ID still open

The CH-LOGIN offer has existed since 2016 and so far covers several areas of authorities. For example, you can register with the regional employment agency or set up a company via the authorities portal As those responsible write, tax administration applications could soon be added. The proposal for an E-ID received a rejection from the electorate last November. Critical voices had complained that private individuals were in the lead. The federal government is currently working on other solutions.

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