The Farnito will have to wait

Steve Turcotte
Le Nouvelliste

Le Farnito devra attendre

COMMENTARY / When I saw the first few minutes of the match for the Canadian on Tuesday night in Detroit, I told myself that I could write to my friend Samuel Lambert in the late evening. This last had me challenged in October to bet a bottle of wine, since I had dared to predict that its Glorious going to miss the series. Boots must follow the lips, so I was quick to accept his offer.

Of course, when everything was rolling for his club a few weeks ago, he allowed himself to taunt me on Facebook. It was good war, the men of Claude Julien were the Bruins and even the Leafs! Let’s say that the star of the Canadian has faded since then! If the Canadian made series, it will be by the skin of the buttocks.

In this regard, a defeat yesterday in the face of the poor Wings, after the dismal failure of the standby in the face of the Devils, would have been catastrophic. It was a match that the Canadian had not the right to escape. Julien recognized confident the net for a second time in less than 24 hours to Carey Price! Despite the presence of the Elected official, Montreal’s offered in the game draft in the early evening. It is a mesh of Tomas Tatar, on a pass, lucky to Jordie Benn, who has completely turned the scenario. In scoring the first goal on a skating rink enemy, the Canadian was able to relax a little more, hold the stick less tightly, and to exploit to the maximum the holes of the Red Wings. These are going to cross fingers to win the lottery by the end of the season: this alignment is pity not just about. But hey, let’s still merit to your favorites, which were able to take advantage of the situation. Julien has had the happy hand coming back with the combination Jonathan Drouin-Max Domi-Andrew Shaw, three guys who had had success together in the past.

This victory forces me so to a little restraint. I’ll wait a little before ordering a Farnito to my friend Sam!

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