The duo “Midnight the night” hits hard

Richard Therrien
The Sun

Le duo de «Minuit, le soir» frappe fort

CHRONIC / “In a galaxy near you” and “Midnight the night” were certainly of the major works of our tv. I waited with much curiosity the next work, born in the spirit of Pierre-Yves Bernard and Claude Legault, who have been friends for 31 years. The least I can say is that”Call me if you die” — I love this title — is to live up to my expectations and the immense talent of this duo.

Tell the premise of this series of eight one-hour episodes, available on Club illico, from 28 February. The investigator, Jean-François Lelièvre (Legault) lives in Thailand with his wife and daughter. The life that it leads to the satisfied fully. However, the captain of the gang unit to the SQ, Sam Burke (Isabelle Vincent), is in need of him to conduct the operation Vesuvius, which is intended to neutralize the Italian mafia in Montreal. A big mandate doesn’t want to know JF. First of all, because he loves his life in Bangkok, but mostly because Mario Vietti (Denis Bernard), the new lieutenant of the mafia, is his childhood friend, whom he remained very close. The interest of the series lies in the choreography complex, which will have to pay the two men to prevent harm to the other, all while keeping secret their improbable relationship.

As is recurrent in the work of this duo, the friendship is at the centre of the story. A very strong link between these two beings that everything separates them, and who have goals totally the opposite. I have rarely seen a series navigate with as much ease and subtlety between the humor and the drama. The process has something of spoofing. And there-in lines the great, which shall remain in head.

Denis Bernard is absolutely phenomenal as a lieutenant in the mafia. While this character could have fallen into caricature, this is never the case. Vietti, who has a dance school to conceal his shady dealings, makes you laugh as much as it horrifies us. Before we cry out to the cultural appropriation, the fact that Denis Bernard is not Italian, the writers have decided, by mutual agreement with TVA, a son of Italian mother and father in quebec. A situation quite plausible. Moreover, the other characters in Italian are embodied by actors italians for the most part.

Pierre Curzi, who has Italian roots, embodies the godfather of the mafia, Cesare Ciccarelli. Happy to find it on the screen in this role of sponsor in appearance coolbut authoritative. Legault and Bernard found Didier Lucien, In a galaxy near you, the same as Louis Champagne, partner of the first in the Midnight, in the evening. Isabelle Vincent hits hard once again in the role of the captain of the SQ, and many new faces are showing off in the roles of secondary.

Wait until you see Magalie Lépine-Blondeau, in the case of Crystel Simard, mom addicted to crack cocaine and nymphomaniac. I didn’t recognize her at the beginning as the role is a thousand miles from anything she has played before. Bravo for this anti-casting. At the realization, Claude Desrosiers is doing an admirable job, and gives to this work all the enthusiasm which enables you to link burlesque to the scenes more dramatic, sometimes more violent. We found the Claude Desrosiers you love to do, after the disappointing series The game.

This is to enhance even more the contents of Club illico, after the success of the Honourable, at the beginning of the winter. For the record, Call me if you die is born out of the failure of another series, a Chrysalis, a story of informers that had developed the same duo with VAT five years ago, but it was abandoned for lack of inspiration and legal knowledge sharp. Survived the project the two main characters of’Call me if you die. An evil for a good.

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