The disappearance of Edith Blais made the tour of the planet

La disparition d’Édith Blais fait le tour de la planète

The history of the Sherbrooke Édith Blais, of which there has been no news for weeks, and then it is found in Burkina Faso, has made the tour of the planet. Following the distribution in exclusivity of the new by The Tribune, various media reported his disappearance during the last few hours.

The journal The World speaks of the 34 year old woman, “who was going Togo with an Italian friend for a humanitarian project, has given no news since December 15.”

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The family of Edith Blais on the lookout for the slightest clue

A Quebec launches its search

The Canadian, who was travelling with an Italian of Burkina Faso, is missing in this country plagued with ethnic violence and the jihadists, citing a source from the ministry of foreign Affairs of canada.

The information portal, published by the Republic of togo, mentions that the canadian government fears a kidnapping, because the region “is infested with jihadists.

The case has obviously had echoes in Italy. The site PadovaOggi, it relays them between other statements of the mother of Edith Blais, Jocelyne Bergeron, from an interview broadcast by CTV.

On the airwaves of Rai News, it has given more information on the trips of the couple.

Of course, there is the question of the disappearance in several canadian media and quebec. Newspapers such as the Globe and Mail and the National Post are state of the Canadian sought in Africa.

La disparition d’Édith Blais fait le tour de la planète

On the airwaves of Rai News, we have given several information about the movement of the couple in Africa.


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