The Dealers of fire: the art of juggling with the growth

Les Marchands de feu: l’art de jongler avec la croissance

Three-Rivers — a chance meeting in the canadian West was born The Merchants of Fire, a local company founded by Marie-Line Doyon and Dereck Gosselin, which specializes in the manufacture and sale of accessories for the handling of fire and flow arts (circus arts based on the manipulation of objects and movement). Since 2016, the young company installed in the sector Cap-de-la-Madeleine manufactures custom accessories for its customers, who can order from anywhere around the world via an online shop.

“Our first accessories are born from a passion for the manipulation of fire, and the desire to create quality accessories for our personal use. The word has gone pretty quickly in our circle of friends, who were also the arts of fire, and it was then that we received our first orders. It is ultimately the word of mouth which has encouraged us to start the project, because we were getting messages on Facebook from people we don’t know who had heard of our accessories and that want to buy our products. It is then that The Merchants of Fire has taken its first steps on Etsy, in 2016,” explains the duo.


Initially, the company was only a hobby. The couple behind The Dealers of Fire spent a lot of time on the road, and had not yet cast anchor. The more time that passed, the more they were eager to settle in Quebec in order to create new products and perform their latest creative ideas.

It is in 2017 that Derek and Marie-Line, from the region of Montreal, took the decision to launch the company and establishing Three-Rivers, and to devote himself to the project 100 %. Not knowing where to start, they were directed to the extent of using Young Volunteers managed by the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi Trois-Rivières, which enabled them to structure the project, get training and spend a lot of time on the research and development of new products “that stand out a lot.” At the same time, they developed their existing range, set up their own sales site, and participated in several festivals with a booth selling mobile through Quebec and New Brunswick. The company experienced a real heart-general for the quality of its products, and the partners completed the measure Young Volunteers by winning a scholarship Journey to highlight their work. They were also awarded a grant in the framework of the competition is Intended in the thousand”, in the category of New business.

“We have also received much support from our family and our friends. It has helped us to overcome more difficult times, and often stressful associated with the launch of a new business. We are very grateful to them”, they stressed.

To this day, the product range is divided into four main branches; the accessories for the practice of the flow arts, accessories for artists of fire, the distribution of items of juggling, as well as the sale of additional accessories. A repair service is also available at shops in mobile, to enable people to repair or improve the accessories that they already own, from anywhere, in order to encourage the recovery.

In June 2018, The Merchants of Fire organized the first festival of flow arts in Quebec, the TriFlow Fest, which took place at the Domaine Scout Saint-Louis-de-France and which was a great success. The three-day event brought together nearly 200 enthusiasts for a week-end where the 75-learning workshops were taught by local talent and international. They are preparing a second edition for June 2020 as for 2019, this will be a return to Western canada to do some canvassing.

Soon, the couple hopes to start a social circus project in Trois-Rivières which will provide a place where fans of flow arts will come together once a week to train (without a fire) to the shelter of the winter.

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