The crisis cell at the Condo of the press

Julien Renaud
The Daily

Cellule de crise au Condo de la presse

CHRONICLE / This is the hell white in Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean. It sale to shred the caribou. But to the House of the press, it is rather hell black. Our offices are without electricity. And according to the Info-blackout, Hydro-Québec, it is not necessary to count on a quick recovery.

18: 03, Monday

The phone is ringing. This is my chief information officer, Marc St-Hilaire. “There is a power outage at the office. In you, did you know that ? How many pages can you go up ? It is necessary to find solutions. “

There, I paraphrased, and it will excuse me, I’m convinced of it.

The important thing is to retain the following question : “How to make a log without electricity ? “

I answer : “I can clencher the newspaper,” I said. Send the world home with me for the worst. I imprimerai the pages, and they will correct. They can come up and write also. “

18: 04

Our editor-in-chief, Denis Bouchard, a phone call to Dominique Gobeil, who is studying in Quebec, to know if she can go to the offices of the Sun to give us a hand at a distance.

18: 12

Denis Bouchard speaks with Andréanne Simard, director of finance and production. The decision is made : the production will be relocated… at me. The emergency plan of the enterprise is rather to relocate the production in another room of the drafting of the network, but thanks to the initiative of our entire team, our “system D” is selected.

18: 19

The phone is ringing. This is Patricia Rainville, my colleague, who told me that she had an accident while attempting to return to The Bay.

She asks me if she can take advantage of my guest room.

I answer : “of course. “

After all, the more the merrier, the merrier. And, the more employees, the more we will get out of this situation of the most exceptional.

18: 20

The phone is ringing. Denis Bouchard confirms to me the game plan.

18: 22

Jonathan Hudon writes to me. He is coming to join me at my condo with his laptop. It will complement his lyrics and help me in need.

18: 26

I called Annie-Claude Brisson, who returns to the arena of St-Bruno, where you will have to wait several citizens. We laugh of the situation, positively, a bit to unpack. But above all, it was a call to get a little motivation, we crinque as it should be ! After all, it is exciting to be challenged. Journalists, that carbide often to the adrenaline.

During this time, Denis Bouchard phone with Transcontinental Printing to develop a plan for the transfer of completed pages.

18: 39

The phone is ringing. It was Bernard Lamontagne, an employee of the production, which usually ensures the link with the printer. He told me that it is impossible to send the completed pages by the server as usual. He explains to me how to do this : I’m going to have to generate the PDF for me and send it by e-mail. It also gives me the access to complete the pages of small ads, by inserting in the weather. Unfortunately, the only element that remains without solution, it is the opinion of death. We are going to have to explain to the readers and publish them on Wednesday.

18: 42

The president-general manager of Group capital cities Media, Claude Gagnon, is notified of the emergency plan.

18: 51

Le Nouvelliste is also informed. Our colleagues in Three Rivers are ready to take care of the production if our system does not work.

19: 09

The phone is ringing. This is Pascal Girard, head of desk in office. I learn that his car refused to start, but it is rendered in him, to The Bay, with Rémi-Gilles Tremblay, the deputy of the evening. They even have computers and will be able to work. Pascal will be the leader of it all. Thus, the headquarters will be at The Bay, with a satellite office back home in Chicoutimi.

At the same time, Marc St-Hilaire created a group on Facebook involving all this beautiful world, in order to co-ordinate this ” crisis cell “.

Cellule de crise au Condo de la presse

19: 35

“Breaking news : power should be restored in half an hour,” writes Marc St-Hilaire, a refugee at the hotel Le Montagnais.

19: 47

The last person involved in this race against the clock, Johanne Saint-Pierre, advised of the situation. It was part dinner when the House of the press has found diving in the dark. It will also do its part by putting its texts of sports, quickly, and at a distance.

20: 18

Still no electricity at the newspaper, says Marc St-Hilaire.

21: 01

The light in our neighbors of the boulevard Talbot, but still the darkness in our offices.

21: 55

After more than four hours without power, the House of the press takes color. But the employees are scattered and will complete the log at a distance. The deadline (22: 30) approach.

22: 06

I told Pascal Girard that I have finished one.

22: 19

The last page is transferred. Mission accomplished !

“Well done everyone, huge effort,” writes our great patron, Denis Bouchard, who oversaw the production of the journal throughout this evening very special.

23: 06

Our chief technology officer, Steeve Fortin, informs us that the pages are sent to PressReader.

00 h 32

I finished our digital edition – available on cell phones and tablets – and that of the Novelist.

00: 41

I am in bed when I realize that I have not programmed the newsletter, our new tool to advertise our big stories of the day to the readers. I stand up and am going to perform this ultimate task.

10: 39, Tuesday

“An evening’s hare-brained “. This is the title of an email written by our editor-in-chief and sent through Andréanne Simard. Each person involved there is a small paragraph to underline its efforts.

He ends : “When the system overrides the emergency plan. “

This crisis comes only to confirm the determination and professionalism of our wonderful team. Crisis or not, broken or not, we had one objective : to offer a quality newspaper. As if it nothing happened.

A newspaper like others, not like the others.

This is a team, united and passionate.

We finished the evening with a smile on his lips, proud to have risen to the challenge. I must admit that it went well in the circumstances. We had anticipated a scenario that is more back-breaking in the early evening. But when all parts join together, anything is possible !

We are going to talk about for a long time, this famous evening.

And me, I will remember this : the team was even more exceptional than the situation in which she found herself. Simply.

Hat !

Cellule de crise au Condo de la presse

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