The CIUSSS MCQ wants to hire 100 people

Le CIUSSS MCQ veut embaucher 100 personnes

LA TUQUE —For a third time, the integrated Center for academic health and social services of Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec (CIUSSS MCQ) will be holding a membership blitz in order to add one hundred people to his office staff a little everywhere on the territory it serves.

The CIUSSS MCQ search of candidates for positions as technicians in administration, administrative officers, and secretaries medical. These hires are intended to fill primarily for retirement, and summer holidays.

Interested persons should forward their curriculum vitae via the recruitment site before the 13th march next.

The selected candidates will be contacted and invited to participate in the membership blitz that will take place in four cities: Saturday, march 23, 2019 in Victoriaville and Shawinigan, and Sunday, march 24, at Drummondville and Trois-Rivières.

On-site, candidates will be able to perform the full process of selection, that is to say, the interview and the tests of French, Word, and Excel, in the space of two hours.

Currently, for the whole of the CIUSSS MCQ, there are approximately 1269 members of the administrative, 230 secretaries medical and 356 technicians in administration. Remember that there are more than 17 000 employees in total at the CIUSSS MCQ.

“The needs are spread across the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec, but they are more pronounced in Drummondville and Trois-Rivières,” said Caroline Paquin, spokesman for the CIUSSS MCQ.

The CIUSSS MCQ demand certain requirements such as a certificate in administration, DEP en secretariat, AEC or DEC in office automation and administration, coupled with experience relevant to the job.

The organization also puts forward the advantages of working for the CIUSS MCQ in order to attract applicants, in particular, with a salary interesting, and good progress in salary, four weeks of vacation after one year of service and personal leave, and development of a schedule for the balance of work/personal life, group insurance, pension plan and physical activities available at the place of work.

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