The city council supports the Juso initiative, which wants to upgrade the banks of the Reuss. However, not all proposals can be implemented from the city's point of view. Juso is basically satisfied, but would like a little more creativity.

The Reussufer in the city of Lucerne is to be upgraded. To this end, Juso launched the “Reuss Oasis Initiative” in December 2022.

City Council wants to turn the dreary Reussufer into an oasis

They collected more than the 800 signatures needed for this. In December 2020, they rowed through the city in a rubber boat to hand in the signatures.

Stadtrat wants the dreary Reussufer to become a Make an oasis

According to the city council's plans, the right bank of the Reuss is to become a natural recreation area. This visualization comes from the “Urban Space Concept Downtown Lucerne”. The proposal for this only just failed in the city parliament in 2019.

That's what it's all about

  • In December 2020, Juso Luzern submitted an initiative to make the banks of the Reuss more attractive.

  • The city council supports the initiative. Many of the Juso's proposals would coincide with the city's plans.

  • Now the City Council is expected to decide on the initiative on February 17.

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    But Juso is not completely satisfied. In your opinion, the visions of the city should be more creative.

In December 2020, the Juso Luzern rowed a rubber boat through the city of Lucerne to the Stadthaus. Members submitted more than 800 signatures there. This is how the Reuss Oase Initiative came about. With the Reuss Oasis Initiative, the young party wants to make the Reuss more attractive, accessible and safer for the population. The city council has now decided to recommend the initiative for adoption.

In its initiative, the Juso suggests various suggestions as to how, from its point of view, the banks of the Reuss could be improved. This includes a theme and adventure trail, so that walkers and school classes can get to know the Reuss better. However, since the whole thing is a so-called suggestion initiative, the projects do not necessarily have to be implemented in the proposed form even if the initiative is accepted.

Reussbadi at Kasernenplatz not possible

The city council writes in a statement that the basic idea of ​​the initiators corresponds to numerous projects in the city. Some ideas, such as designing the right bank of the Reuss as a natural recreation area, have already been incorporated into a development concept. A planning application for this is to be submitted in 2022.

However, the city council has already rejected a proposal by Juso. A Reussbadi at Kasernenplatz cannot be implemented. On the one hand, due to flood protection, no buildings should be built in the river basin. On the other hand, the SLRG stated in a report that swimming in this area should not be encouraged due to the high risk of accidents.

Large city council decides in February

Juso is pleased that the city sees similar potential in the Reuss area. At the same time, however, they criticize the lack of creativity on the part of the city council. It is understandable that the Reussbadi is not possible as proposed due to the legal situation. “But it is disappointing that the idea of ​​mobile and temporary installations on the river, such as pontoons, was written off from the start,” said Juso in its statement.

The Juso also demands a schedule for the timely implementation of the initiative so that the same scenario does not happen again as with the Bahnhofstrasse or the Inseli. The redesign of Bahnhofstrasse, for example, was approved by the people in September 2013, and in February 2022 the Lucerne electorate is to vote on the construction loan. The Bahnhofstrasse should then be completed by 2024. The city council is expected to decide on February 17, 2022 how the Reuss oasis will continue.

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