The Booms are fighting back

Les Estacades ripostent

THREE-RIVERS — Nicholas Beauvilliers has completed a superb game by the young defender Tristan Luneau in the third period on Wednesday night, for the launch of the Booms of Trois-Rivières in advance, ahead of time that they were able to keep up at the sound of the siren to take the second game of this series, by virtue of a 4-3 on the Rousseau-Royal de Laval-Montreal.

It is often expected that the best players make the difference. Luneau has applied this doctrine by sedating the defensive visitors, bypassing the net before handing it deftly to Beauvilliers, who had no trouble beating goalkeeper Francesco Lapenna.

Imperial yesterday with 59 stops, Lapenna transferred four times on 30 shots in this second part. His vis-à-vis, Alexis Giroux, got the start for Trois-Rivières. Having given up three goals on 13 shots, his coaches have decided to replace Olivier Leclair. It has only had to block three throws.

The total of these two games played on the ice olympic Complexe sportif Alphonse-Desjardins, the Booms have dominated the Rousseau-Royal 95-43 for the lancers at the net.

However, it is 1-1 in this series 3 of 5, that will continue in Montreal-North, Friday and Sunday.

Tough opponent

View of the stands, Booms certainly have more skills than the players of Laval-Montréal. These sell, however, dearly for their skin since the beginning of this confrontation. They don’t get a lot of chances to score, but take advantage of those that present to them. On Wednesday, the first four goals of the game (2-2) were labeled in numerical advantage.

The successes of the Booms have come from the sticks of Zachary Bolduc and Félix Landry. Bolduc has also secured a brace in the victory, before his partner of trio, Beauvilliers, slice the debate mid-way through the last engagement. Beauvilliers was named the first star, Bolduc the third. “This is a player physical, and we were happy for him. It went well with Bolduc and Pellerin, they have generated a lot of chances,” observed the chief pilot Frédéric Lavoie, literally without a voice at the end of this evening! “A small extinction, it will pass.”

The vehemence of his opponents comes as no surprise to the coach. He expected such opposition, even if forty points separated the two clubs in the standings in the season. “They started out strong in the beginning of the year, but they have had some casualties along the way. It should be observed, with the coaches they have, they are on a mission.”

In fact, just the other locker room, head coach Joey Bucci did not despair. The victory pulled away in overtime Tuesday in the opening series, allows him to believe it. “They dominate on time of possession. We took advantage of our opportunities, except that it will generate more if it wants to win this series,” argued Bucci.

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