On Tiktok, clips in which men hit large stones on bodies of water are currently being clicked millions of times. Swiss Tiktok stars explain what's behind it.

The bigger the stone and the nicer the throw, the cooler: on the Tiktok platform, the current trend is to throw stones into bodies of water .

The bizarre Tiktok trend makes men throw stones

The videos of this kind sometimes have several million likes – like this one from @JayTeeEmm, which has been viewed almost 50 million times and liked more than six million times. In the comments, statements like: “These videos are better than drugs.” and «This is the best thing I've seen today.»

 The bizarre Tiktok trend is making men throw stones

The stones are usually thrown from a bridge into a body of water and then filmed on impact. But what's the attraction about it?

That's it

  • A new Tiktok trend is currently causing a stir.

  • Videos in which Men throw stones into bodies of water from a great distance, are clicked on, liked and shared a million times.

  • Compared to 20 minutes, Swiss social media stars reveal what they think of the trend, whether or not they participate yourself and why the videos are actually so popular.

Anyone who occasionally scrolls through Tiktok has probably noticed it for themselves: The current trend on the platform is to throw stones. Young men in particular seem to be taken with the movement – and receive millions of clicks and likes for videos in which they throw heavy boulders and rocks into a body of water from a great distance.

In one of the most successful videos of its kind, the Tiktoker @jayteeemm throws a 56 kilogram stone slab from a bridge. It flies through the air and then crashes into a river with a loud bang. Over 48 million people have watched the video so far. In the comment column, digital pats on the shoulder pile up, such as: “The best I have seen today”, “Better than drugs” or “Do that again, please”. The hashtag #ThrowingRocks alone has more than four million views on Tiktok. But what makes the videos so popular?

«The first few seconds have to be gripping»

The Zurich Tiktoker Lina Senn, who herself has around 340,000 subscribers on the platform, explains the popularity of the clips primarily with the nostalgia that she is in trigger us: “When we were children we all collected things and threw them into a pond just to see what happened,” says the 24-year-old.

Another factor is the gripping start of the videos: “The viewers want to know right from the start what happens when the stone hits the water. This postponement of the result is what makes the clips so exciting. “

Zurich-based influencer Nathalie alias Nathistyle (20) also agrees:” The first few seconds of a video have to be gripping, otherwise the viewers will scroll straight on », Says the 20-year-old. It has around 220,000 fans on Tiktok. She goes on to say: “It's good to swim against the current sometimes.”

“I would consider throwing stones a test of strength among men,” adds Tiktok star Leo Khalifa. He has seen videos of this kind himself, but he would not copy them. “The last time I threw stones around was as a child and was reprimanded by a teacher”, the 24-year-old remembers.

Trend can be punishable by law

< p>There are still no viral Swiss versions of stone throwing. And according to social media professional Lina, it should stay that way: “I find the clips very random and don't think they are very common in Switzerland,” said the blonde. The trend is booming, especially in the USA. Her conclusion: “I think it's amazing how unpredictable the Tiktok trends are. It is amazing that there is suddenly a trend to throw stones into bodies of water. ”

According to a criminal law attorney from Bern, the trend could even make you liable to prosecution. If the necessary precautionary measures are not taken, and depending on the circumstances, someone could be injured by throwing stones from a bridge into the water – for example people on a boat. For example, the offense may result in the punishment “endangering life”.

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