The auditor general of Canada cancels audits, for lack of money

Le vérificateur général du Canada annule des audits, faute d’argent

OTTAWA – The Office of the auditor general of Canada argues that it has not enough money to accomplish all of its tasks.

In the last quarterly report of the Office indicates that its funding is not sufficient to cope with the increasing pressure of costs related to audits and services”.

Although more than $ 7 million in additional have been approved for the Office during the second quarter of last year, the auditor general argues that “this increase “is still insufficient” to meet its needs.

In the short term, the Bureau maintains that it has cancelled a number of performance audits planned, and deferred some work related to the audits of financial statements, as well as some of the projects necessary for information technology.

The long-term investment in the audit methods and tools are not funded, stresses the Office.

The auditor general oversees the audits of more than 100 federal departments, Crown corporations and territorial governments, although the Office was without a director since the death of Michael Ferguson at the beginning of February. Mr. Ferguson is being treated for cancer since November.

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