The space agency Roskosmos threatens the astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor with a lawsuit. The Russians accuse the physicist of deliberately damaging the Soyuz capsule.

The US astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor could be charged by the Russian space agency.

astronautin should bored a hole in the ISS capsule out of a heartache

The Russians suspect that the physicist is responsible for a hole that was discovered in a Soyuz transport capsule in 2018.

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The reason for the sabotage? Russian media claim that Auñón-Chancellor used to want to return to earth.


  • A hole about two millimeters in size was discovered on the ISS in 2018.

  • Now the Russian space agency wants to file a lawsuit against the alleged perpetrator.

  • The American Serena Auñón-Chancellor is said to have sabotaged the Soyuz capsule because of lovesickness.

The allegation that the Russian space agency Roskosmos is making against Serena Auñón-Chancellor seems far-fetched: The physicist is said to have deliberately drilled a two-millimeter hole in the Soyuz transport capsule during her trip into space in 2018. The reason for the sabotage: lovesickness.

Lovesickness or blood clot?

In the final report on the investigation into the Soyuz Hole, the agency recently classified the action as sabotage. The investigation therefore concluded that Serena Auñón-Chancellor, who was stationed on the ISS during the incident, had caused the leak. The hole could then be temporarily filled.

Marriage in space

So the American should have made the hole especially to return to earth earlier. According to the Russian media, the reason for the homesickness was either a blood clot or an argument with an unknown “friend” on the ISS.

The unknown lover would have to be either the German Alexander Gerst or the Russian Sergej Prokopjev, who were the only people in space with Auñón-Chancellor at the time of the accident. While on the ISS, Auñón-Chancellor married Jeff Chancellor. The couple are still married today.

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