The already popular French Osti shortbread

A 22-year-old Frenchman recently landed in Quebec with his Breton recipe for shortbread cookies … With 100% Quebecois ingredients and a little bit of fun marketing, his boxes of six cookies sell like hotcakes.
In his small apartment on rue Saint-Patrick, Sébastien Romagny can prepare 100 kilos of goods per month, he makes around 250 boxes per week. It’s 1,500 cookies, if you don’t count those eaten along the way.

“I met Quebecers who told me about the supply of cookies which lacks authenticity. […] For a month I worked on the company thoroughly. To get the first recipe, I had at least four liver attacks! I really wanted to use Quebec products for all the ingredients. The most local products in a small cookie, very simple, ”says the Frenchman, who assures that it is not tired of baking his cookies or eating them.

Mr. Romagny first visited Quebec four years ago, for a four-month internship in a hunting and fishing outfitter in Mauricie.

He fell in love with Quebec. After studying cooking, he returned to work at the outfitter last April. For a year, his cookie project was running through his mind … He finally rebounded in the Capitale-Nationale in October.

“I had a big click and I went back to Canada, hopefully I had a valid work permit. I feel good here. When I pass on rue Saint-Jean, I feel good. Each time, it’s like I rediscover it. This particular neighborhood really struck me, ”he admits.

Its secret ingredient is the essence of sweet clover flower that tastes like vanilla and almond. It is a not so popular product, Mr. Romagny knows it because the head of the outfitter used it.

“The flower replaces the expensive vanilla that has to be imported. We find it in the middle of the forest in Quebec, as soon as there are beehives, it’s because of sweet clover flower nearby. ”

With social networks, the adopted Quebecer quickly made his name known. He also runs a kiosk in the middle of the Fleur de lys shopping center, and with the holidays, the boxes are flying quickly.

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A distinctive name

What may sound like an insult is rather a good joke for Sébastien Romagny.

“In food, it’s difficult to differentiate, I really wanted something that stood out from the start. I was with a Quebecer in the car and we were talking about the name of the company… I started with a simple name, then at the end he said to me: “eille, mon osti de Français”. I looked at it and wrote it down on my phone. In the end, I found it really good, ”he says.

With a small pitch in the company register … Everything was accepted.

Already, the French have plans full head. He hopes to see his cookies on the shelves of all good convenience stores and grocery stores, then find a place at the Grand Marché.

In the shorter term, he wants to concoct a new recipe, to offer more products under the name of Osti d’Français.

“Maybe with chocolate, for Valentine’s Day …”

He will have to prepare to swallow a lot of cookies soon, in order to put his finger on the ideal recipe.

To reach him, it’s on his Facebook page and on Instagram or at the Fleur de Lys shopping center during the next weekends. The box of six sweet clover shortbread cookies sells for $ 4.75.

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