The 175 culprits

The crazy cavalry of Ismaël Dupont and Kevin Cormier-Fortin, who dreamed of going to work in Western Canada, but who ended up hiding in Sépaq chalets in the Laurentides Wildlife Reserve (route 175), the will have led to prison. The two individuals pleaded guilty to all of their charges, Thursday afternoon, at the Chicoutimi courthouse. Dupont gets three years in prison, while Cormier-Fortin gets away with 12 months of detention.
The men were arrested last October 18 after committing a series of crimes of which they admitted to be the perpetrators.

Dupont and Cormier-Fortin were living together when they lost their jobs. Short of cash and struggling with a drug problem, they decided to leave everything for British Columbia to work. But on the road, they had realized that they did not have the money necessary for their epic. So they turned back and ended up in Ferland-et-Boilleau, where they asked a citizen for refuge, who kindly lent them a chalet. They said they were seasonal workers looking for refuge. But they also broke into other chalets, where they stole five hunting weapons, in order to resell them. They also stole food and gas. Fortin-Cormier also stole a coat and oil for their van in two stores. They later went to a flea market to sell the stolen weapons, but only one found a taker, for $ 50.

Meanwhile, the Saguenay police had heard that two criminals had stolen weapons from Ferland-et-Boilleau. Having a description of the two men and the van, they chased the duo. At the wheel, Fortin-Cormier fled to the Laurentian Wildlife Reserve and the police finally found only the burning van in a ditch. Four weapons were found there. A small dog had also perished there.

The two men had managed to flee and hid for a few days in Sépaq chalets, before being pinned and put behind bars.

The duo had abandoned a burning van in the Réserve faunique des Laurentides.

After four months in pretrial detention, the two criminals decided to plead guilty to their entire file, Thursday, before judge Sonia Rouleau, of the Court of Quebec.

They were charged with, among other things, illegal possession of firearms, theft, break and enter, yielding an illegally obtained weapon, illegal transportation of firearms and concealment.

Perforated eardrum

For its part, Ismaël Dupont was also accused of obstructing and breaking probation concerning other events, as well as assault causing bodily harm, after having perforated the eardrum of a fellow prisoner by assaulting him violently punch on the side of the face. This event occurred several months ago, at the Sherbrooke prison, while Dupont was incarcerated there in another case.

It is also because of his heavy criminal past that Dupont, 41, received a three-year prison sentence. As for Cormier-Fortin, who had no criminal record to date and who suffers from mental health problems, he received 12 months’ imprisonment, the minimum sentence imposed in the case of theft of firearms. Being both detained since October, four months must be released from their incarceration.

The sentences had been negotiated between the Crown and the defense, respectively represented by Me Karen Inkel and Me Olivier Théorêt, who had come to a common suggestion to submit to the judge.

Justice Rouleau also wanted to tell Ismaël Dupont that he was doing relatively well, given his heavy past.

“I find you lucky. I believe the Crown prosecutor is giving you a chance today. Seize it, because you could easily have been sentenced to five years in penitentiary, “said the judge in Dupont, stressing that it was a fairly lenient, but fair sentence.

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