The 10 Mag favorites of 2019

The year 2019 was rich in interesting events and fascinating subjects. Just reread the pages of the Mag to notice it … again. Here is a selection of 10 articles published in the past 12 months that have informed and interested you – at least, we hope so! – and which we remember with interest and affection. Good proofreading!
The day she left her son in the car
March 9

A child dressed up as a superhero stands on a sloping roof. This photo, on the cover of the book Small Animals: children in the age of fear, grabbed the hen father in me. The author, Kim Brooks, is an ordinary mother who was sued for leaving her 4-year-old son in the car while she was racing. Instead of being confused with excuses, she dared to denounce the security obsession in which Generation Z – that of children born between 1995 and 2012 – grew up. Many of you recognized yourself there. Me first. Marc Allard

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How to stimulate gifted children?
March 9

In a dossier published in March, we looked at gifted children, those free electrons who are bubbling with emotions, questions, and whose high intellectual potential needs to be nurtured. Through the testimonies of a teenager, parents, a psychologist and a school principal, we sought to demystify the phenomenon. The numerous messages received testify that this file touched and interested you. Josianne Desloges

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The renaissance of La Tanière
March 20

It was expected, the rebirth of La Tanière, in the gastronomic environment of the capital! It was finally on March 20 that the Tanière3 restaurant welcomed its first customers into the vaults of century-old houses on Place Royale, offering them a unique experience where all the senses are awakened. A “journey” of twenty services where land and history meet. Hats off to chef François-Emmanuel Nicol and his team, who take over from this legendary institution with flying colors! Raphaëlle Plante (special collaboration)

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Quebec – Gastronomic experience at the Tani ‡ ®re – 06/13/2019 – June 13, 2019 – Photo Caroline Gregoire

After the publication of Maman en solo, Véronique, who recounts her choice of having a single child, received an avalanche of emails and testimonies. Her story has touched many. If her romantic relationships did not work at one time, she did not want to miss motherhood. After 16 artificial inseminations, Véronique learned that she was pregnant at 34 years of age. With her daughter Sophie, she rolls her bump happily, surrounded by a network to help her. Like what “we can create a non-traditional family that will be as fulfilling”. Alexandra Perron

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