Played up and down every year – it has to pour a lot, right? A list shows which festive songs are financially worth the most.

Mariah Carey (52) is more successful with no song than with« All I Want for Christmas Is You ». No wonder, the song is one of the biggest Christmas hits in general.

This is how much they earn Christmas stars every year

Another classic that is indispensable:” Last Christmas “by Wham !. To this day, both songs bring in royalties of several hundred thousand francs a year.

That is how much they earn Christmas stars every year

However, the band Slade still earns the most every year with” Merry Christmas Everybody “. The picture shows lead singer Noddy Holder (75) performing in the 1970s.

That's what it's about

  • Anyone who brings a song onto the market that will become a Christmas classic can be happy: Financially worthwhile every year.

  • The statistics website “Celebrity Net Worth” has calculated which of these classics are the most successful.

  • So much to say: Yes, Mariah Carey (52) is definitely in the top 5. But surprisingly, the queen of the Christmas season does not make it to the top.

Regardless of whether it's on the radio, in stores or on Spotify playlists: You really can't get around Christmas carols at the moment. Timeless classics and new songs with contemplative hit potential seem to run in a loop. But what do the annual streams, radio placements and rights sales for cover versions actually mean for the performers of the songs? How big is the cushion in the account that successful Christmas carols ensure?

In the following, the five financially successful hits that have accompanied us through the festive season – mostly for many decades – are compiled.

Slade – “Merry Christmas Everybody”

Actually, the British hard rock band Slade hadn't really planned to ever release a Christmas song. Legend has it that bassist Jim Lea (72) grimaced when his mother suggested that he write a song about Christmas in the early 1970s. But the idea stayed in the back of my mind and resulted in an absolute hit in 1973.

Since then, “Merry Christmas Everybody” has been played up and down. That gives a lot of money every year: Slade earns 840,000 dollars (around 774,000 francs ) annually with the song.

.__IwaGGoGeCrossheadListicle Mariah Carey – “All I Want for Christmas Is You”

What would Christmas time be without Maria Carey (52)? “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is an indispensable part of any festive playlist. In the first few years after its publication in 1994 in particular, the Christmas hit generated astronomical income. According to “The Economist”, Carey is said to have earned over 60 million dollars (over 55 million francs) with the song.

The annual royalties now amount to around 600,000 dollars (the equivalent of around 553,000 francs ). Mariah Carey didn't invest much effort in “All I Want for Christmas Is You”: The song was written and composed in just 15 minutes.

Wham! – «Last Christmas»

Probably the greatest catchy tune of the five most successful holiday songs definitely has «Last Christmas» by Wham !. The song, which was released in 1984, still makes half a million dollars every year (equivalent to 460,900 francs ). A bit of Swissness is part of this success: The «Last Christmas» music video, which is set in a chalet, was shot in Saas-Fee.

Band Aid – «Do They Know It's Christmas? »

Countless musicians were in 1984 under the collective term Band Aid on the song” Do They Know It's Christmas? ” involved. It was produced for a good cause: Initially, the proceeds were used to fight famine, but now the money is also used for other charity purposes.

Every year, “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” another 130,000 dollars (equivalent to just under 120,000 francs ). The song was written by Bob Geldof (70) and Midge Ure (68).

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