It has long been no secret that the Viennese rapper indulges in wealth. Now he shows on Instagram how much he has already earned with his «Corbo Nero» scented water.

Anyone who has ever stumbled upon the Instagram account of RAF Camora (37) knows that the Austrian rapper lives in luxury.

That is how much rapper earns RAF Camora with his perfume

He keeps posting photos of expensive clothes, luxury accessories, watches and photos from vacation in the most popular places in the world.

That's how much rapper RAF Camora earns with his perfume

Now the rapper has shown his fans on Instagram where the income comes from. He revealed that he earned around one million euros in the first few days after the release of his perfume “Corbo Nero” alone.

That's what it's about

  • Since his breakthrough as a rapper, RAF Camora has already brought various other products onto the market.

  • For example the clothing brand “Corbo”, a vodka brand, his book “The Pact” and a perfume.

  • Now the 37-year-old has revealed on Instagram: he has already made over a million francs in profit recently released perfume.

With his music he became a millionaire almost overnight. That is at least one line from the breakthrough hit “Palms made of plastic” by rapper RAF Camora. But the 37-year-old did not rest on his musical success – on the contrary.

In addition to new songs, the artist is also constantly bringing other products onto the market – such as the “Corbo Nero” perfume, a classic-looking scented water that fans can buy online or in drugstores for 50 euros per bottle. And that apparently turned out to be a gold mine, because within a few days the rapper was able to record almost a million euros in profit. That's the equivalent of just under 1.05 million Swiss francs.

“It's amazing to be able to talk about such numbers,” said the rapper recently in his Instagram story and looked at the camera in embarrassment. At the end he emphasized: «You always have to keep in mind that this is not normal.»

Vodka, clothes, real estate

The rapper also has various other sources of income. For example, after his musical breakthrough, he started investing his money in real estate. He also launched a vodka brand called “Karneval Vodka”, published a book called “The Pact” and created the “Corbo” fashion collection Achieve around 1.1 million francs in sales, as the 37-year-old proudly announced on Instagram at the time. “Corbo” has long since arrived in the fashion world. Together with the fashion label “About You”, RAF Camora also brought out its own line and thus conquered the international catwalks.

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