A Mail letters will cost 1.10 francs from 2022. In addition, same-sex couples can marry from July 1st – the New Year brings some changes. An overview.

2022 will bring some changes. Here are the most important ones:

 That will change in Switzerland from 2022

Marriage for everyone: Same-sex couples can marry or their registered from July 1, 2022 Convert partnership into marriage. New registered partnerships can then no longer be established.

That is changing 2022 in Switzerland

Marriages concluded abroad have so far been recognized as registered partnerships in Switzerland. These will automatically and retrospectively be converted into a marriage as of January 1st. This means that the matrimonial property regime also changes retrospectively to the time of the marriage.

That's what it's all about

  • A lot will change in Switzerland from 2022.

  • Swiss Post is changing the prices for letter post and same-sex couples can remarry.

  • In addition, foreign online shops are no longer allowed to discriminate against Swiss customers.

In the new year, new laws and rules will come into force: For example, same-sex couples may marry from July 1, 2022 or convert their registered partnership into a marriage. 64 percent of the Swiss electorate voted in favor of this on September 26, 2021.

Swiss Post is also changing its letter prices. An A Mail letter now costs 1.10 francs, which is 10 cents more than before. Foreign online shops are no longer allowed to discriminate against Swiss customers or block access.

You can find out what other changes you can expect in the new year in the picture gallery.

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