It was a big shock for F.L. and his wife, when they recently noticed the injury to their cat Mowgli: a piece of metal was stuck inside him. After a visit to the vet the following day it was clear that Mowgli had been hit by an air rifle.

One of the cat Mowgli When he got home that day, his owners found that a piece of metal was stuck in his body.

& laquo; That does us very angry & raquo; - tomcat shot with air rifle

FL and his wife were shocked and angry when they noticed the wound.

 & laquo; That makes us very angry & raquo; - tomcat shot with air rifle

The visit to the vet showed that the injury from caused by an air rifle.

That's what

  • is aboutMogli the cat from Kreuzlingen TG was hit by an air rifle on November 10th.

  • Cat owner F.L. distributed flyers in the neighborhood to draw attention to the incident.

  • There are still no concrete indications of the perpetrator.

  • < p> The cat is fine, the gunshot wound did not put him in serious danger.

F.L. and his wife had an unpleasant surprise on Wednesday, November 10th, when their tomcat Mowgli returned to their shared apartment in Kreuzlingen TG in the evening: While stroking them, they discovered that a metal piece was stuck in the cat's body. “It was a shock and made us very angry,” says cat owner F.L. to 20 minutes.

The vet's visit the next day then revealed that it was an air rifle projectile. Then he and his wife should first have discussed how to proceed, according to F.L. Because: «When we took over Mowgli, we didn't think that people could endanger him in this way».

Flyer distributed and complaint filed

The couple decided to use flyers to draw the attention of the neighborhood to the incident. The neighbors are then asked to contact F.L. Report to. The shooter is also addressed: He should report in person or anonymously, because his aim is not to rush the police on him, writes F.L. So far, the flyers have not had much impact. “We haven't received any tangible information yet, but that wasn't to be expected either. Above all, we wanted to use the flyers to ensure that people keep their eyes open and that something like this no longer happens, ”says F.L.

Although F.L. would have preferred a solution without police involvement, he decided the following Monday to file a complaint against unknown persons. Michael Roth, media spokesman for the Thurgau canton police, confirms this on request. Unfortunately, it is not the first incident of this kind in the canton of Thurgau, says Roth. In addition, the search for the perpetrator turns out to be difficult. «Air rifles do not have to be registered, so we don't know who owns one in the vicinity. We are therefore dependent on further clues or hints », Roth continues.

« He has always been fine »

After all: Fortunately, there was never any serious danger for Mowgli the cat. “He's always been fine, we didn't notice anything unusual about his behavior,” says F.L. They only became aware of the injury by stroking them. “The projectile seems to have hit him at a point where it didn't bother him so much,” said F.L.

However, it cannot be taken for granted that an attack by firearm will turn out so lightly. This is shown by incidents such as in Heerbrugg SG or Olten SO, in which cats were victims of similar attacks and had to be operated on. Consequential damage or even the death of the cat cannot be ruled out.

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