From now on, all hospitals in the Canton of Lucerne are strictly prohibited from visiting. This hits fathers particularly hard who have tested positive for Corona and thus miss the birth of their child. And the expectant mothers who have to go through the birth alone.

Christoph Henzen, chief physician of the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital, informed about an upcoming triage and the introduction on Tuesday a far-reaching ban on visitors.

That is why dads are now missing out the birth of the child

Young fathers who recently tested positive for Corona are also hard hit. The Lucerne Cantonal Hospital in Sursee had to withdraw its promise that «no father would miss the birth of the child».

That is why you are now missing out on father the birth of the child

Women have to give birth to the child alone in these cases. Otherwise, the clinic and the person himself would violate federal regulations. “We simply have no leeway in such cases,” says Linus Estermann, spokesman for the LUKS in Sursee. (Symbolic picture)

That's what

  • is aboutA strict ban on visits was introduced in the Lucerne hospitals. There are exceptions, but only in compliance with the 3G rules.

  • The problem: Fathers who tested positive for Covid-19 before delivery cannot give birth to Child's presence.

  • The umbrella organization Mä understands the situation, but considers the presence of the father to be very important.

  • The good news: An extension of the ban to 2G is currently not in sight.

Every year a good 3,300 children are born at the three LUKS locations in Lucerne, Sursee and Wolhusen. On average, a child is born every three hours at LUKS. For many, this is the happiest moment of their life – a moment that never comes back. You experience it or you don't. Numerous fathers are currently not seeing him in Lucerne. The reasons are the once again tightened access rules in the clinics, the high number of cases in the region and a vaccination rate that is still too low.

All of the central Swiss cantons are below the Swiss average in around 65 percent double-vaccinated. Every third person under 40 is not vaccinated or is only partially vaccinated. In addition, Omikron is particularly widespread in the age groups of 20 to 29 year olds and 30 to 39 year olds. According to Lustat, the 14-day incidence in the canton of Lucerne is 1,493.7 confirmed cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This rate is highest in the Entlebuch region (2059.8), followed by Sursee (1684.7).

The situation is critical

“We need stricter measures across Switzerland,” said Christoph Henzen, Head of the Lucerne Center and Head of the Pandemic Staff at Lucerne Cantonal Hospital (LUKS), on Tuesday . At the press conference in the Cantonal Council Chamber in Lucerne informed the authorities about the upcoming triage in the hospitals in the region. Omikron is hitting the clinics and their workforce hard, the situation is critical. The Lucerne hospitals are therefore introducing a nationwide ban on visits with immediate effect. Only close relatives of dying people, an accompanying person for outpatients, parents and siblings in the children's hospital of the LUKS and partners of women giving birth are allowed – but only if the 3G rules are complied with. And that leads to problems: In the current situation, many Covid-19 tests are positive.

«We simply have no leeway in such cases»

The LUKS Sursee it is also that he was forced to withdraw his promise that «no father will miss the birth of the child». Those who test positive for Covid-19 will not be allowed into the maternity ward. Fathers miss the birth of their child and mothers have to go through it all on their own. As 20 Minuten knows from a reliable source, this is a fact that causes displeasure even in the clinic management.

Nevertheless: “We simply have no leeway in such cases,” says Linus Estermann, spokesman for the LUKS in Sursee. The person concerned would violate official measures, as would the clinic itself: “Officially ordered measures such as isolation and quarantine are binding and we, like the other Lucerne hospitals, adhere to these measures. They take precedence over our visiting rules. »

«An additional mask requirement would be conceivable»

The umbrella association of Swiss men's and father's organizations shows understanding for the situation in hospitals. “Of course, we still consider it very important that young fathers can be present with their families and thus also with the newborn child when they are born and immediately afterwards,” says Jean-Daniel Strub, spokesman for the association. For him, however, an expansion would also come into question: “For maternity clinics, it would be conceivable for fathers of newborns to apply a strict mask-wearing requirement in addition to the 3G rule – possibly with FFP2-obligation.” At least as long as people other than family members are in the newborn's room.

Another restriction, for example that vaccinated fathers should be refused entry to the birth of the child in the future, is not in prospect. According to the Covid Ordinance of the Canton of Lucerne, the 3G rule applies. “This will stay that way even with the ban on visits introduced on Wednesday,” assures LUKS spokesman Estermann. In obstetrics, the presence of the partner around the birth is possible and desirable.

Less stress for babies

The situation is also in other regions of Switzerland tense around the births. As reported by the Tagesanzeiger , at the University Hospital of Vaud, fathers have to go home two hours after giving birth. Certificates and masks are also required for visitors to the University Hospital Zurich (USZ). However: “An exception to the certificate requirement is possible to accompany the birth of one's own child,” says Martina Pletscher, spokeswoman for the USZ. “Under certain circumstances, the birth begins at a point in time when the accompanying person does not have a valid certificate or cannot obtain it”.

After all, there is also a good side to the ban on visits: As a recent survey of Swiss hospitals showed, the number of mothers who can breastfeed their babies and their newborns have been sleeping has increased the ban on visits has been greatly improved. The stress for parents and newborns has been significantly reduced.

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