Tanker truck filled with heating oil catches fire in Maizerets

Fire broke out Monday morning in the back of a tanker truck filled with heating oil. A rapid response from the Quebec City Fire Protection Service prevented the truck from exploding.
The incident occurred around 6:45 am opposite 1095 rue Fiset in Maizerets, in Quebec. The firefighters successfully brought the fire under control before the oil tank was reached.

The first unit on site confirmed the fire without risk of spreading to a building. Firefighters used foam to put out the burning oil. They then watered the oil compartment to cool it.

Socks and granules were applied to absorb the small amount of oil spilled. The vehicle contained 7000 liters of oil out of a possibility of 22,000. Damage is limited to the tank truck which was parked there.

About 20 firefighters were present for the intervention. No one was injured. The fire was probably caused by a mechanical defect.

The pavement will be cleaned by a private company.

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