Tables stolen from La Ninkasi reported by thieves

The paintings stolen last week from La Ninkasi have been brought back. The young thieves even made “appropriate apologies” to the bar and the artist.
P ather than to complain to the police, the director of the restaurant and bar Caroline Marois and Stephan Paquet decided to give a chance to the eight robbers, as customers of the location. They could bring back the four tables and avoid the criminal record.

In a Facebook post on December 26, La Ninkasi explained that one could easily recognize faces on his surveillance cameras. On December 30, the bar used Facebook again to inform internet users of the return of the paintings.

“They will soon resume their respective place on our walls, the time of the exhibition,” we can read.

Ms. Marois had expressed to the Sun last week that young people (after consuming drink) are often “naive” and do not think about the consequences of such a gesture, so she gave them the chance to catch up, which they did.

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