Sylvie Lachapelle: “It’s very difficult”

“He was aggressive, he wanted to kill everyone.” That’s about all Sylvie Lachapelle remembers from the moments preceding the attack. The former city councilor of La Tuque and co-owner of the Central hotel in Parent is slowly recovering from the major injuries she suffered last week.
“Recovery can take a long time. I had surgery on the face, jaw, nose … I see the facial surgeon again on January 15th. I can’t do anything, my whole face is swollen. It’s very difficult, ”says Sylvie Lachapelle, who is recovering from the pain and misery of this violent attack.

“I have it for months and months and maybe even years before I get over it,” she adds.

The co-owner of the Central Hotel in Parent more or less remembers the events. However, she remembers that the waitress needed help with an individual and asked her to intervene.

“He was aggressive, he wanted to kill everyone. It was filmed by surveillance cameras and it’s under investigation, ”she says briefly.

This photo of Sylvie Lachapelle was taken after the maxillofacial operation.

Through all the difficult moments that Sylvie Lachapelle is going through, she has a thought for the employee who was on site that evening and who also received blows.

“I’m not the only victim in there. […] It affects all staff too, ”notes Ms. Lachapelle.

Moreover, psychological help should be offered to the employees of the establishment in the coming days.

Remember that Patrice St-Amand was formally charged with attempted murder, in connection with the violent assault suffered by Sylvie Lachapelle in Parent last week. He appeared earlier this week at the La Tuque courthouse and will return to court on January 14. Additional charges of assault, threat and arson are expected to be laid at this time.

“It was my sister-in-law who taught me this. I hope it does not come out so that the same thing does not happen to others, “said Ms. Lachapelle.

We see Sylvie Lachapelle on her arrival on January 4 at CHRTR.

The latter and members of her family have also agreed to share the upsetting photos in order to denounce “the gratuitous violence still done to a woman”.

Remember that at the start of the year, Patrice St-Amand was in the La Tuque region to snowmobile in the company of another individual. On January 2, he went to Ti-Rouge, a place of accommodation at Lake Dandurand, where a dozen people were in a chalet. A chicane would then have broken out and St-Amand would have been expelled from the place. He then moved to the bar of the Central hotel in the village of Parent. Another chicane would then have broken out and Patrice St-Amand would have mentioned wanting to settle his accounts with Ti-Rouge. Sylvie Lachapelle intervened to calm the individual. This is where she was allegedly punched and kicked.

A few days after the incidents, Sylvie Lachapelle does not know if she will be able to return to the site or work there again.

“I’m really not sure,” she said with an emotional throat.

It must be said that for a few years now, the Central hotel in Parent has been for sale.

Patrice St-Amand is charged with attempted murder.

Sylvie Lachapelle’s partner, Jean Dupont, told the Nouvelliste this week that they were exhausted and that they wanted to pass the torch after 20 years.

Also remember that the other individual arrested in this case, aged 31, could appear at a later date.

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