DJ Andrea Oliva and pop newcomer Zian discuss the potential of the Swiss music scene in the “SMA Studio” podcast.

Comedian Kiko invites representatives of the Swiss music scene to a chat in the “SMA Studio” podcast.

 & laquo; Switzerland has more to offer than Roger Federer, Schoggi and Ch & auml; s & raquo;

For episode 13, the internationally renowned DJ and producer Andrea Oliva and pop newcomer Zian took their seats.

& laquo; Switzerland has more to offer than Roger Federer, Schoggi and Ch & auml; s & raquo;

The scene is tight and networked across the board: Andrea Oliva shares a studio with Baschi, for example.

That's what it's all about

  • In the “SMA Studio” podcast, host Kiko invites the Swiss music scene to chat and talk about money.

  • The new episode features pop whiz Zian and DJ Andrea Oliva.

  • Click here for the episode preview.

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Both of your music is streamed millions of times. But while Andrea Oliva has been stirring up clubs and festivals around the world for a good two decades, pop whiz kid Zian celebrated his first chart hit in Switzerland this year.

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So one has long since proven that Swiss music creators can make the leap abroad, the other has great potential to do so.

“When I was 15 I played in Swiss clubs”

So how do you become an internationally celebrated act? “I started DJing when I was twelve,” explains Andrea. When he was 15, he played in Swiss clubs. “At 15?” Asks host Kiko in disbelief. “Yes, I had a lot of older friends,” explains Andrea. His parents were moderately pleased, “but then they saw that it worked well for me.”

In fact, the DJ and producer has long played at some of the biggest festivals in the world, including Coachella in California and Tomorrowland in Belgium, and in the club mecca of Ibiza he regularly makes masses sweat:

“What happens in the electronic scene compared to pop music?” Asks Kiko. In the end, the differences are not as huge as one would think. “Every DJ will tell you that he tells stories with his sets,” says Andrea. His aim is to send people home with a laugh.

Andrea trumps on British radio, Zian in the Swiss charts

«Above all, live it is my goal that people forget everyday life, I want offer them the best time ever », says the DJ. Foreign broadcasters like BBC Radio 1 played his songs, but the fact was that his kind of music was not that popular in Switzerland.

On the other hand, Zian celebrated a huge success in his home country with his debut single “Show You”: six months in the charts, gold status and in September the performance in front of 40,000 people at the Energy Air in Bern's Wankdorf Stadium.

< Nevertheless, or perhaps because of it, the question arises: «Why do you sing in English?», Kiko wants to know. "In English, a word can often have many different meanings, which I like a lot," says Zian.

«There is so much talent and potential in Switzerland»

«Yes and to be honest: dialect is limited», Andrea interjects. The music can be great, but you reach a very limited audience. “Nobody understands you just when you play in Lausanne,” says the producer.

The declared goal: “The world must recognize Switzerland for more than Roger Federer, watches, chocolate and cheese,” says Andrea. Talent and potential are definitely there in the local music scene, Zian is also sure of that.

“SMA Studio” is a collaboration between the Swiss Music Awards and 20 minutes and is presented by Bank Cler. You can hear the episode with Andrea Oliva and Zian here, just tap E13.

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