The telecom company is advertising with ski jumper Simon Ammann. However, the company was not allowed to take over the recordings of his Olympic victory – so the advertisers used a trick.

The star of the new Swisscom TV commercial is ski jumper Simon Ammann.

That's what it's all about

  • Swisscom is reliving the exploit by ski jumper Simon Amman at the 2002 Winter Olympics in a new spot.

  • Legal difficulties prevented the company from using the audio and video recordings from back then.

  • The makers set instead to a professional speaker.

Several new Swisscom spots are currently running on TV during prime time during the Ski World Cup. In one of the clips, the marketing department of the telecommunications company used the successful career of ski jumper Simon Ammann as a benchmark for its own success in rankings on the best telephone network in the country. “Serial winner” is the name of the spot. A male voice can be heard on the soundtrack, the Ammann with the famous words “Fly Simi, fly!” cheers.

Ski jumper Simon Ammann is the star of the latest Swisscom TV commercial.

 Swisscom tricks a nostalgia spot with Simon Ammann

The telecom provider lets the exploit of the then 21-year-old at the 2002 Winter Olympics again revive.

Swisscom tricks-at-nostalgia spot with Simon Ammann

Ammann took a completely surprising double gold in Salt Lake City (USA).

These words originally come from SRF presenter Martin Stäuble, who celebrated the double gold from ski jumper Ammann at the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City (USA). Stäuble had uttered the famous words back in February 2002. The 21-year-old Ammann had already won gold on the normal hill when he was about to jump on the large hill. The Toggenburger surpassed the leading 128 meters and created the sensation.

As the CH Media newspapers report, the makers of the clip have now had the words repeated by a professional speaker. The reason are legal restrictions. On the one hand, they were not allowed to use the original material from the Olympic Games and, on the other hand, SRF presenters are prohibited from advertising. The images from the SRF archive show other leaps in Ammann's illustrious career. With the approval of the SRF management, the makers could have resorted to this. Hollywood glamor couple Will and Jada Pinket Smith were also involved in the production of the commercial. You are co-owner of the Telepool production company from Zurich.

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