The layoffs in the summer, now staff shortages: Because Swiss misjudged the staffing situation for the second half of 2021, it wants to bring back ex-employees.

In June, Swiss announced more than 300 terminations of flight attendants.

Swiss urgently needs staff and wants to bring back flight attendants who have been dismissed

But now the crews in the aircraft are understaffed.

Swiss urgently needs staff and wants to bring back flight attendants who have been fired

That is why those who have been dismissed are being offered their old jobs again. You should be able to work in the air again by April 2022.

That's what it's all about

  • As a result of the corona pandemic, the Swiss airline was forced to lay off hundreds of employees.

  • Over 300 people in the flight attendant had to leave. But now Swiss is offering them their old job again.

  • The reason for this seems to be that Swiss misjudged the staff turnover from summer 2021.

In June, after a three-week consultation process, Swiss announced a further 550 layoffs. A total of 334 cabin employees lost their jobs.

Now the dismissed flight attendants will be contacted again by their former employer, as the “Tages-Anzeiger” writes. But how did it come about? Swiss seems to have miscalculated how the workforce will change in the future.

200 unvaccinated persons (still) on payroll, but not in the shift plan

Far more people decided to take early retirement than expected. The number of layoffs due to the mandatory vaccination for employees on the plane was also not foreseen. In addition, 200 flight attendants cannot currently be assigned to work because they have not (yet) been vaccinated. If a vaccination has not been given by January, there will be further dismissals.

Re-entry possible from April 2022

The ex-employees will not be able to return immediately. You will be contacted in January with the “offer of a right of return” for April 2022. Until then, according to the “Tages-Anzeiger” on the planes, the following applies to the remaining workforce: They are not allowed to cut their workload and will have to accept strict shift schedules.

«Swiss learns nothing from history»

Sandrine Nikolic-Fuss, head of the cabin staff union Kapers, is a bit ambivalent about the newspaper. On the one hand, she is pleased that many of her colleagues can return to their old jobs. But she also warned the Swiss leadership that this situation would arise. “I have colleagues who were dismissed both after the Swissair grounding and during the restructuring in 2006 and then brought back,” says Nikolic-Fuss. «Swiss just doesn't learn anything from history.»

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