The Swiss prefer to go shopping on Saturdays. This takes them an average of 13 minutes. Milk is one of the best-selling products.

A shopping tour in this country takes around 13 minutes.

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On average, purchases are made twice a week, as the latest analysis by the Swiss shopping app Bring! shows. These are the most popular edibles:

 Swiss people need 13 minutes for their purchases

Place 10: Apples

That's what

  • is aboutThe supermarkets are busiest on Saturday.

  • Those who like the shops empty should go shopping on Thursday.

  • Most often Swiss people buy milk, eggs and bread.

  • This is shown by a new analysis of the Swiss shopping app Bring !.

< p>Shopping in Switzerland takes an average of 13 minutes. On average, people shop twice a week. The most popular shopping day is Saturday. On Thursday mornings and evenings, however, it is emptier in the supermarkets. This is shown by the latest analysis by the Swiss shopping app Bring !.

Most Swiss people go shopping with a shopping list. The list is created very quickly: on average, it takes consumers two minutes and 56 seconds. When shopping, milk, eggs and bread most often end up in the cart.

You can find out which other products are in demand in the picture gallery above.

“The analysis shows that when you visit a supermarket in Switzerland, time and efficiency count,” says Nadine Müller from Bring !. Shopping faster is particularly important in times of pandemics. Corona has also changed the shopping list in this country.

The demand for rapid tests reached its peak in spring. Medical masks and disinfectants were in demand at the same level all year round. With the new analysis, Bring! support consumers to shop effectively and in a planned manner.

That is Bring !:

Bring! is a Swiss shopping list app. This was made by Bring! Labs AG with headquarters in Zurich in 2015. Today the company employs over 40 people. The app now has around ten million users.

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