After taking part in the Swiss Elite Model Look, the 24-year-old decided on the Swiss model path. But now she is aiming high – and is aiming for international campaigns.

Laura Burth was born in St. Gallen, but now lives with her boyfriend in Nidau.

 Swiss Laura Burth is about to make her international breakthrough

In 2015 she was a finalist in the Swiss Elite Model Look.

Swiss Laura Burth stands before her international breakthrough

After that she was always in front of the camera for orders.

That's what

  • Laura Burth was one of the finalists in the Swiss Elite Model Look in 2015 .

  • The now 24-year-old has now signed a contract with an international modeling agency.

  • She wants her face to shape the campaigns of Swiss brands such as Omega or On.

  • Her life is in harmony with sport, studies and work.

  • She relaxes at the side of her loved ones.

A career as an internationally booked model. What is a dream for many could soon become a reality for Laura Burth. The 24-year-old St. Gallen woman has signed a contract with the renowned Spanish-American modeling agency 1st Place Models. However, it is not new to the business. In 2015 Burth was already a candidate for the Swiss Elite Model Look and made it to the final. “I was very happy about this success, especially since I participated without great expectations at the time,” she remembers in an interview with 20 Minuten.

At this point in time, she already had several offers from agencies on the table – including her current one. However, Laura opted for the Swiss route. After all, she preferred to travel the world as a flight attendant. But at the same time Burth was always in front of the lens for large and small campaigns. One dream was always present: to adorn the advertising posters of domestic brands such as On or Omega as a face. Still, she doesn't regret that Laura has only just signed her international contract. Her motto: “Better late than never.”

Her first adventures started only three weeks after signing the contract: She stood in front of the camera for the US designer Erika Suess for a Christmas social media campaign, and with photographer Nicole Schneeberger she won over for the international label Angelus Dresses. Then Laura was booked for a photography course by Topmodel TV with Ewa Zbaraza Fashion. And the job list is much longer.

Study, private life and job in harmony

Despite the promising prospects for her breakthrough, Laura Burth does not want to rely entirely on the model card: “I have already noticed in the past that modeling works very well on the side. I want to keep that too. As a student, I'm even more flexible than before. ” The fact that her degree in nutrition and dietetics fits her job perfectly is a coincidence and based on her interests. The 24-year-old looks at her health regardless of modeling and likes to do a lot of sport.

Nevertheless, she is aware that her body is also her capital at the same time. But she has something special that should give her an advantage in both haute couture and advertising: freckles and a big smile.

The 24-year-old finds balance and relaxation in her home in Nidau . It was love and the university that drew them to the vicinity of Biel. Family and security are important to her and this is the environment where she recharges her batteries. It is her twin brother Alex who, by the way, owes her start into the modeling world. He once registered her for the contest. The bond between the two is strong, not least because he saved them from a car accident on the way to school. «My loved ones have always supported me in what I do. It is no different now either. I'm infinitely grateful for that », enthuses Laura.

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