The airline carries out its mandatory vaccination for flying personnel without any ifs or buts. At the end of April, Swiss put the first people unwilling to be vaccinated on the street -mitarbeiter-591393d.jpg” alt=”Swiss fires first unvaccinated employees” />

Because of its compulsory vaccination, Swiss announced the first layoffs at the end of April.

That's what it's all about

  • Swiss introduced mandatory vaccinations for flying personnel in late summer.

  • Those who didn't get vaccinated by December , receives the notice.

  • Swiss is now dismissing the first people who are unwilling to be vaccinated.

Last summer, Swiss was the first Swiss company to introduce mandatory vaccinations for flying personnel. Anyone who has not been vaccinated by December will be given notice of termination. Now the airline is putting the first people unwilling to be vaccinated on the street.

“Last week, as part of the phased procedure for cabin crew, layoffs were announced as of the end of April,” confirms Swiss spokesman Marco Lipp. The group does not want to communicate how many employees will lose their jobs.

Referred to internal positions

According to Lipp, the employees were those who decided against vaccination. “Crew members without a vaccination certificate have either opted for a temporary, dormant employment relationship or are in the so-called phased process.”

Swiss informed those who were made redundant about vacancies in the company for which they could apply. These included in particular jobs at the Swiss service centers in Basel.

From February to the end of April, the employees concerned will be in the termination phase. “They have not been used for flight operations since December. They are supported by a specialized outplacement service provider in their professional reorientation », the speaker continues.

Shortage of staff

Because of the Omikron wave, Swiss also struggled with a shortage of staff. At least one flight had to be cancelled. However, as Swiss is now emphasizing, the current layoffs have no major impact on flight operations.

“Absences among staff have also been noticeably reduced since mid-January. On the one hand, there were fewer sick reports, on the other hand we are feeling the shortened quarantine and isolation period and have lower production than at the turn of the year, »says Lipp.

In the case of flying personnel, Swiss is generally planning more reserves for weekends due to higher production. Regardless of the current pandemic, Swiss has internal emergency plans to deal with any staff shortages, according to the airline.

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