On November 25, Swiss Post launched the first Swiss crypto postage stamp. One copy has an estimated value of 8.90 francs. However, the digital version is particularly popular. One copy has now changed hands for 37,500 francs.

The Swiss Crypto Stamp in physical form: With the QR code the digital twin of the stamp is activated.

Swiss crypto-postage stamp for 37 & rsquo ; 500 francs sold

There are 65,000 of the most popular digital subjects, but only 50 of the rarest subjects.

 Swiss crypto-stamp sold for 37,500 francs

A rare copy of the digital postage stamp was worth CHF 37,500 to one bidder.


  • A hype has broken out around the Swiss Crypto Stamp from the Swiss Post.

  • Owners of the rarest copies are now smelling big business.

  • A copy has now been sold on Ricardo for 37,500 francs.

The Swiss Crypto Stamp looks like a conventional postage stamp. It is self-adhesive, shows the Matterhorn and the moon on a blue background and has an estimated value of CHF 8.90. Like any other postage stamp, the owner can use it to frank mail. However, the actual crypto postage stamp is digital.

There are 13 different subjects of the crypto postage stamps. 65,000 copies of the most common subject are in circulation, the rarest only 50. When the crypto postage stamp was launched, Swiss Post had already sold three quarters of the limited series of 175,000 on the first day.

8.90 francs become 37,500 francs

The hype surrounding the digital stamp seems to be paying off for retailers now. On the Ricardo auction platform, which, like 20 Minuten, belongs to the TX Group, speculators are now trying to monetize the coveted specimens. Obviously with success.

A Ricardo spokeswoman confirmed to the “SonntagsZeitung” that the highest price paid until Saturday afternoon for a single crypto brand was 37,500 francs. It had already been announced that a retailer had offered a crypto postage stamp for a whopping 490,000 francs. However, the auction ended without a bid.

This is how the crypto postage stamp works:

On November 25, Swiss Post launched the first Swiss crypto postage stamp on the market. A total of 175,000 copies with 13 different subjects were sold. The Swiss Crypto Stamp consists of a physical stamp that can be used normally. The same stamp is also available digitally as a crypto stamp: the stamp is stored in a blockchain. To transfer the Swiss Crypto Stamp to a digital wallet, you need an Ethereum browser. The crypto brands can be collected, exchanged and traded online.

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