The Omikron wave is also putting the Swiss airlines under pressure. Swiss and Edelweiss report more cases of illness among their employees. There were already first gaps in the flight plan.

Swiss has recorded a slight increase in the number of employees being sick.

Swiss and Edelweiss have flights because of Cancellation of staff shortages

According to the airline, a flight to London on January 3rd had to be canceled due to a lack of staff.

Swiss and Edelweiss have canceled flights due to staff shortages

However, this has so far had no major impact on operations, said a spokesman.

That's what

  • Because of many Omicron infections, many people are currently absent from the workplace.

  • The corona-related cancellations are also a challenge for Swiss and Edelweiss.

  • The airlines have already had to cancel one flight.

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    Swiss is already struggling with staff shortages.

The corona numbers are exploding. This also increases the number of people in isolation or quarantine to well over 100,000. They are missing at their workplaces, which in turn brings infrastructures and entire industries to the limit: Due to the shortage of staff, there are gaps in the timetable of public transport operators, restaurants and hotels have to close and hospitals are pulling staff out of quarantine.

Swiss is also feeling the Omikron wave among its staff. “We are currently seeing a slight increase in the number of employees being sick,” said a spokesman for the airline on request. However, this has so far had no major impact on operations.

Flight to London canceled

According to Swiss, a flight to London on January 3rd had to be canceled due to staff shortages. “With flying personnel, we generally plan more reserves for weekends due to higher production.”

Regardless of the current pandemic, Swiss have internal emergency plans in order to be able to cope with any staff shortages. However, the airline does not want to communicate what these plans look like in concrete terms.

Bring back ex-employees

In any case, Swiss is currently struggling with a staff shortage. The company has to save and already announced hundreds of layoffs in June, including 334 cabin employees lost their jobs.

But apparently Swiss misjudged the personnel situation in the past six months. As it became known before Christmas, the Swiss had contacted ex-employees to get them back into their old jobs.

Terminations due to mandatory vaccination

In addition, the airline has a compulsory vaccination for employees on board. If a vaccination has not been given by January, there will be further dismissals. Therefore, the increasing number of infections and illness-related absences are increasing the pressure on the personnel situation at Swiss.

But it is not only Swiss that is feeling the Omikron wave among staff. Edelweiss has also had to cancel a flight due to insufficient staff. According to the airline, the flight from Zurich to Palma de Mallorca and back on December 25th was affected.

“The situation around Omikron is also challenging for us in terms of personnel planning,” says a spokesman. However, he emphasizes that there are currently enough employees to carry out all the planned flights.

To ensure that this does not change, Edelweiss holds its employees accountable: “We appeal to personal responsibility and ensure that all employees adhere to the hygiene measures and reduce their contacts in their private and professional environment as much as possible.”

Expert calls for rapid action

It has been predicted for some time that the many cases of illness would put a strain on the infrastructure. Andreas Widmer, infectiologist and Swissnoso President, therefore called for a quarantine stop for all vaccinated Omikron contacts on Tuesday: “If the quarantine is strictly implemented, public life will likely collapse,” he says. And warned: “By the end of the week at the latest, there will be infections from New Year's Eve. The situation will get worse every day. »

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