Suva is recalling the N95/FFP2 breathing mask from the “ZG” brand. There is a health risk due to insufficient protection.

Suva is recalling the “ZG” brand respirator mask, labeled “N95” and sometimes stamped «VPM», back.

Suva recalls «ZG» brand FFP2 mask

The masks are manufactured by PP Zolotyy Hlobus.

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This is what the product packaging of the recalled respirator looks like.

That's what it's all about

  • Due to insufficient protection and incorrect declaration, Suva is recalling an N95/FFP2 mask.

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    The respirator is of the «ZG» brand and is manufactured by the company PP Zolotyy Hlobus.

  • It is labeled «N95». Some of the masks bear a «VPM» stamp.

Instead of Procurement Corp AG (formerly: DIE BESCHAFFER AG), Suva is recalling the N95/FFP2 breathing mask of the “ZG” brand, manufactured by PP Zolotyy Hlobus. Due to an insufficient and incorrectly declared protective effect, there is a risk for the user of not being adequately protected against irreversible damage to health.

The respiratory protection mask of the “ZG” brand, labeled with “N95” and sometimes with a stamp «VPM», made by the company PP Zolotyy Hlobus (see photo gallery). The affected mask was sold by Procurement Corp AG, which used to be called “DIE BESCHAFFER AG”, under the name “SPITAMED KN95 FFP2 respirator”.

Affected customers are asked to no longer use the respirator described above use. Procurement Corp AG (formerly: DIE BESCHAFFER AG) is obliged by decree to take back the products.

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