Students forced to remain at school until the beginning of the night

Des élèves forcés de demeurer à l'école jusqu'en début de nuit

Elementary students in Saint-Claude, Bonsecours, Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, and high school the visit of The Asbestos that had to spend the night at the school have been returned to the house around midnight.

In a weather situation to be exceptional, exceptional measures have been taken to the school Board of Vertices (CSS), on Monday evening, so that students can sleep at the school. Situation which has, however, been able to be avoided.

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Students from the Quebec city region sleep at the school because of bad weather

“It has never been seen. This is the first time that we have put in place measures to keep students at school due to weather conditions. No one had been able to predict this situation. The safety of our students and staff being the priority, we kept in school those who could not go home because of the gusts of wind, and the roads impassable. The situation has however changed in the evening. I was informed on Tuesday morning that the last students were escorted back to the house around midnight thirty “, explains the president of the CSS, Jean-Philippe Bachand.

At the time of printing the paper edition of The Tribune, the school Our Lady of the Smile to Saint-Claude and école Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours had to keep twenty students, while a dozen others had to stay in Notre-Dame-de-l’assomption de Saint-Georges-de-Windsor, and Stop to Asbestos.

But the situation has changed with the re-opening of roads in the municipalities concerned.

“The communities around the schools are in a mode of solidarity in providing the meal. The primary students have listened to the first mat on the interactive tables and the night was going to happen on mattresses in the gymnasium “, stated Mr. Bachand in the late evening, Monday.

Resident of Saint-Claude and the mother of four children, Annie Lacroix has seen three of her children stay with relatives for the night : the three students of the primary school, Our Lady of the Smile and of the secondary school in the Sunflower Windsor could not go home because of the state of roads and transport.
His father-in-law was finally able to go pick up her son, who attends Our Lady of the Smile to Saint-Claude, while his older met with his sister-in-law in Windsor.

The situation, exceptional, has created little moments of solidarity : a dad had made pasta for the children stuck at Our Lady of the Smile, said Ms. Lacroix, stressing that there was no doubt that we took care of the children.

At the time of going to press, all school boards in the region were in standby mode on the closure of schools on Tuesday. The decision will be known no later than 6: 30.

Throughout the course of the evening, on Monday, police officers from the Sûreté du Québec have crisscrossed the territory to get out motorists stuck in the snow, in particular on route 220 in Val-Saint-François and on the road 249 in the MRC des Sources.

“People came to lend a hand to police officers in some places “, reports the spokesperson for the SQ, Hélène Nepton.

The Service de police de Sherbrooke has had to close the chemin Duplessis between the Centre Julien-Ducharme and the way Lemire. The access ramps to highway 10 in Deauville the same as those of the highway 410 on the King street West have remained difficult places throughout the evening.

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