Since he was 18, Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali has taken a picture of himself every day. For fun, he offered these selfies for sale on the Internet and promptly got rich.

Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali has become a millionaire within a few days.

Student sells his selfies and becomes a millionaire - parents don't know about it

He's been taking a selfie of himself almost every day since he was 18. He offered these for sale on the Internet.

Student sells his selfies and becomes a millionaire - parents don't know anything about it

The selfies sold unexpectedly well as NFTs. The student earned $1,166,547.

It's about

  • A student from Java unexpectedly got rich.

  • He took a selfie of himself almost every day for five years.

  • For fun, he offered these for sale on the internet.

  • Within a few days he became a millionaire.

For five years, the student Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali took a selfie almost every day. He was 18 at the start of this experiment and 22 at the end. He originally planned to compile these selfies into a time-lapse video and show it at his graduation ceremony at Semarang University in Java, Indonesia. But now the pictures have unexpectedly helped him to become rich.

At the beginning of January, he came up with the idea of ​​offering the selfies on the Opensea platform as an NFT. Actually, he just found it a funny idea, he says to the AFP news agency. He charged three dollars per picture. To his surprise, various people began to bid more and more money for the photos. After just one day, 35 images had already been sold.

What is NFT?

NFT is the abbreviation for Non Fungible Token (non-exchangeable tokens). Put simply, NFTs are certificates of authenticity for unique digital objects. You therefore prove the legal ownership of digital images, videos, texts or pieces of music. For this purpose, NFTs use the blockchain – the technology on which cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are based. The claim of ownership, i.e. the NFT, is stored there in a traceable manner.

On the blockchain, the data is not stored in a central location, as is usually the case on the Internet, but on numerous computers at the same time. This makes them safe from attacks and counterfeits. NFTs are therefore considered to be forgery-proof proof of ownership. Experts predict that NFTs will become more popular in the art and gaming sectors and among collectors in the future. They could also create entirely new sources of income for investors.

Tax authority is in touch

In fact, such hype developed around Al Ghozali's selfies that a total of 372 Ether were paid for the pictures just a few days after the first offer. If you convert the cryptocurrency into US dollars, $1,166,547 has come together – which made the student a millionaire within just one week. More than 400 people had bought ownership of the photos.

With the student keeping the internet up to date with developments via his Twitter account, this sudden surge in wealth did not go unnoticed. For example, the Indonesian tax authorities tweeted him to congratulate him on his good fortune – and to remind him to pay his taxes. Al Ghonzali only replied: “This is the first time in my life that I have to pay taxes. Of course I will.»

At first, the student did not tell his parents anything about his happiness, as he confessed to the AFP news agency: “They would ask themselves where the money came from.” For example, he is afraid that his pictures could be misused. If that happens, his parents would be very disappointed in him, he says. But now that Al Ghozali has become something of an internet celebrity, he probably won't be able to avoid telling his parents about his newfound fortune sooner or later.

People have spent a lot of money on these crazy NFTs:


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