The top model and the musician were considered the dream couple on the Swiss show scene for almost ten years. As 20 Minuten learned, the two have been going their separate ways for months

In 2012 Andres Anderkson (44) and Ronja Furrer (29) made their love public.

Stress and Ronja Furrer have separated

The singer has been talking to the model about his family wish since the beginning. This remained unfulfilled and is said to be one of the reasons for the alleged separation.

 Stress and Ronja Furrer have separated

Stress already divorced his ex-wife, Melanie Winiger (42), for this reason.

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  • The musician Stress (44) and the model Ronja Furrer (29) have been a couple for almost ten years.

  • Now they have separated, as 20 Minuten found out.

  • Your love life has already been turbulent in the past and characterized by affairs.

You, the internationally sought-after top model. He, the successful musician. For almost ten years, Ronja Furrer and Stress have been considered the ultimate dream couple on the Swiss show scene. But that is history now. As 20 Minuten learned from their environment, the two have been going their separate ways for a long time. The couple have grown apart in the last few months, it is said. Despite their love-out, a friendly relationship is important to them.

The Corona period, but also Ronja's infidelity, are said to have had a negative impact on the relationship. In addition, Furrer wants to continue to focus on her career and new projects, whereas stress has long had a strong family wish. The 44-year-old has in fact spoken of his desire to have children with the 29-year-old since the beginning of the relationship. However, this remained unfulfilled until the end.

The model did not want to comment on 20 minutes. Various inquiries from the musician's management remained unanswered.

Turbulent love life

In 2019 Andres Andrekson, as the musician is called, released his song «A chaud et à froid». In it, he raps about how he saw photos on Instagram of his girlfriend kissing another man. Shortly afterwards he made it clear: “Yes, that really happened. One day I clicked through the photo portal and it ran through my head: ‹Shit, Ronja is cheating on me with another man.› »

After the shock, they talked a lot about how to proceed. Separation was also up for debate. Stress later assumed part of the blame in a YouTube video in which he explains the genesis of the song – he was often absent in the relationship, whereupon the woman from Solothurn kept shutting herself off.

But Stress and Ronja found each other again back then. “We love each other. We are working on our relationship, “said Stress about the titles of CH Media. And Ronja, too, said in an interview with “SI” in the summer of 2020: “We're both fighters and don't give up so easily. And for us, the family comes first. It is rare to find a partner in life who is by your side not only in good times, but also in bad times and crises. I know no matter what, we're in the same boat and I'm not alone. That gives me a lot of support, stability and security. »

At that time it was said that the Corona break would be good for them as a couple. Ronja, who lives in New York, was in Switzerland for several months. They spent the turn of the year 2021 together under palm trees one last time. Even then, stress showed in an Instagram post pensive about the future: “Will 2021 be better than 2020? I do not know it. But what I do know is that the version of myself will be better in 2021 than the one in 2020. »

Rumors preceded the love outing

Even when they confessed their love, they fought against rumors for a long time until they finally confirmed their relationship publicly in October 2012. Compared to 20 Minuten, Ronja said exclusively: “I'm really in love.” The 15 year age difference was never an issue for the couple. “I'm in great shape,” said the newly in love Stress beaming and added: “I'm very happy.”

Previously, the musician was married to ex-Miss Melanie Winiger (42) for four years. At that time, too, he blamed the unfulfilled desire for a family, among other things, for the separation. The actress also wanted to focus on her career. In addition, she brought a son into the marriage from a previous relationship.

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