The streaming platform Twitch was hacked last week, with tons of secret data being released. Even streamers have published these on their own platform – with consequences.

Countless data was stolen from the Twitch streaming platform. This also includes how much the streamers earn. This payroll is currently being hotly debated – to the annoyance of Twitch.

 Streamers are blocked because they publish secret data

This is how the leaks from various streamers are published on Twitch and man talks about it almost every day. Twitch wants to end the discussions and has now banned several streams.

Streamers are blocked because they publish secret data

Twitch has not officially commented on this, but various users have been banned for up to 30 days.

That's what

  • is about Several streamers have been banned from Twitch for posting details of last week's hacking attack.

  • 125 GB of data were stolen in this attack.

  • Some of these have already been published. The payroll of the top streamers was leaked.

  • Of course, the Twitch leak is also a big topic on the company's own platform. That is why users are banned for up to 30 days if they talk about secret data.

The streaming platform Twitch, bought by Amazon, was hacked last week. Around 125 GB of data was stolen by an anonymous hacker. Among other things, the data set contains information about streamers – for example how much they earn on Twitch. Such data naturally stimulate discussion and the leak is talked about on the platform.

After all, everyone wants to know how much their work colleagues and the boss earn. So there is also a little gossip at other workplaces, said in New German. This is exactly what happens on Twitch. However, the Amazon subsidiary does not enjoy such discussions at all. She would like best that the stolen data is not talked about at all and is taking tough action.

Various streamers have already been banned for up to a month because they discussed the salaries of other streamers and criticized the platform. So the assumption of the stream ends, because Twitch has not officially commented on it. It is noticeable, however, that the channels that spoke exactly about this topic are being banned.

A lot of material still unpublished

The most popular German streamer MontanaBlack has earned over 2.5 million US dollars in the last two years, if you can believe the leak. The anonymous hacker has also allegedly found evidence that Twitch is planning a competing product for the gaming platform Steam and there is allegedly a list of streamers – who, no matter what they do – must not be banned. That also makes for a lot of talking point.

The future remains exciting, because the anonymous hacker has apparently not yet published a lot of material, including more details, such as the home addresses of the streamers. So it will be exciting to see how Twitch will react, and the question remains whether the Twitch leak really led to so many people being banned.

The reason for the hack was that the hacker wanted to damage the platform. Because one does not agree with how the platform has developed. Among other things, the demand was made to show less bare skin, but more e-sports and gaming content.

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 Streamers are blocked because they publish secret data

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