In an interpellation, the SVP St. Gallen demanded that the government should campaign for the approval of the horse deworming agent ivermectin.

In an interpellation to the St. Gallen government, SVP St. Gallen wanted to know how the St. Gallen government stands for the «market approval of ivermectin and other Covid drugs (not vaccinations) as soon as possible.

 St. Galler-SVP wanted worms-against-covid-19 tested

Ivermectin is a worming agent that is mainly used in veterinary medicine.

 St. Galler SVP wanted to have wormer-remedies tested against Covid-19

« We neither hit Ivermectin alone is still explicitly proposed. It is our aim that approval bodies also give concrete thought to alternative remedies », says Christoph Gull, parliamentary group president of St. Gallen SVP.

That's what it's all about

  • The St. Gallen SVP made an interpellation to the government in September.

  • Among other things, it asks whether the government would advocate approval of the worming agent ivermectin.

  • The St. Gallen government responds evasively.

  • According to Swissmedic, there is no scientific evidence of the drug's effectiveness against the coronavirus.

In September of this year, SVP St. Gallen submitted an interpellation to the cantonal council with questions about the coronavirus. Among other things, the question will be asked of how the St. Gallen government feels about the “market approval of Ivermectin and other Covid drugs (not vaccinations) as soon as possible” and whether the government in Bern would advocate this. Ivermectin is a drug that is mainly used in veterinary medicine as a de-wormer.

The interpellation was intended to highlight the issue of alternative treatment options. “We are not suggesting ivermectin alone or explicitly. It is our aim that approval bodies also give concrete thought to alternative remedies, ”says a statement submitted to the“ St. Galler Tagblatt »(paid item) is available.

The government responded evasively to the approval question: “The approval of a drug by Swissmedic is based on internationally recognized criteria in the areas of quality, safety and efficacy,” says the letter. In addition, patient safety is in the foreground. “Which drug therapies are approved is therefore rightly a scientific decision and not a political one.” The SVP regrets this answer. “And so we continue to wait for concrete scientific – and not political – facts that justify the corona measures,” says Gull Weiter.

No confirmed efficacy

Vaccine-skeptical circles claim that ivermectin would help treat patients with Covid-19. So far, no medical benefit has been proven. «There is currently no scientific evidence. If you take ivermectin in an uncontrolled manner, you endanger your health ”, wrote Swissmedic in a communiqué at the beginning of November.

A US pharmacy came up with a special method to sell the product only to horse owners. The drug was only given if you could show a selfie of yourself and your horse. In Austria, a woman even had to be cared for in the intensive care unit because of an overdose of the worming agent.

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