The fourth and last season of the SRF hit series “Wilder” is currently flickering on the domestic screens. However, some scenes are not entirely harmless.

The fourth season of «Wilder» is also the last. Rosa Wilder, played by Sarah Spale (41), is looking for clues again.

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A private blow of fate leads you into the fictional village of Oberwies in the Bern region. But suddenly she is supposed to shed light on a murder case.

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In addition, Rosa Wilder's father Paul is being threatened by the kidnapper Strunz.

That's what

  • They are about The fourth season of «Wilder» is also the last.

  • Two episodes of the popular crime series are particularly tough.

  • < p>“I would say that it is a very emotional season,” said Spale in an interview with 20 minutes.

  • The expert Jörg Weisshaupt, however, even rates the show as “problematic” and «Traumatizing».

  • «Wilder» can always be seen on Tuesdays at 8:05 p.m. on SRF 1 or on Play Suisse.

The hit “Wilder” is one of the most successful in-house productions on Swiss television of all time. Even with the fourth and final season of the Swiss crime thriller, over half a million viewers tuned in to each episode. But the crime series has it all in its finale. Two scenes in particular stand out:

Warning spoilers!

In the fourth episode, the suicide is portrayed by the craftsman Zingg. He jumps from a dam to his death. The free fall including the impact on the ground is shown for a full 15 seconds. In the last episode, it is the silenced Elias who takes his own life. He throws himself in front of a post bus. Here, too, the case and the dead person are shown on the ground.

Do you or have someone you know have thoughts of suicide? Or have you lost someone to suicide?

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Pro Mente Sana, Tel. 0848 800 858 , Offer from the Reformed and Catholic Churches

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“Even if the last episode in particular seems tough, I would say that it's a very emotional season. There have been more murders in the past – we've held back a little this season. Nevertheless, I am sure that it will get down to business », said leading actress Sarah Spale (41) in an interview with 20 minutes at the start of the season.

Avoid depicting suicide on TV

But the scenes shown by the SRF are not good to talk about. They are even “problematic”, says Jörg Weisshaupt from the Association for Suicide Prevention Ipsilon to “Nau”. There is a risk that people who are at risk of suicide imitate such scenes. “It has been proven that some forms of portrayal of suicides can lead to more suicides than so-called imitation acts,” says Weisshaupt.

In addition, the currently prevailing circumstances must be taken into account. Showing such scenes is “problematic at a time when pandemic-related suicide attempts by young people have increased significantly.” However, the images can also have a negative impact on viewers who are not affected: “Such depictions can also traumatize mentally healthy viewers,” Weisshaupt told the news platform. His advice to filmmakers is clear: “If a crime writer lets a character commit suicide, he should forego the cinematic representation.”

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