“Now I'm moving on, ready for new challenges in the social and cultural field”, says Monika Schärer about her departure from “Radio SRF 2 Kultur”.

Monika Schärer leaves «SRF» after more than 30 years.

 SRF has to cope with another prominent departure

At the station she was involved in the formats “Next”, “SRF Fernweh”, “Simply luxurious”, “Einstein” and “Box Office”.

 SRF has to cope with another prominent departure

Jann Billeter also has« SRF »recently left.

That's what it's about

  • Monika Schärer recently worked for the magazine« Context »at« Radio SRF 2 Kultur ».

  • < p> Now, after more than 30 years at «SRF», she has submitted her resignation.

  • It is unclear where she is going now.

Monika Schärer has decided to leave “SRF” after more than 30 years. Since she quit, her part-time position at the magazine “Context” on “Radio SRF 2 Kultur” will be filled, according to “SRF”. “Now I'm moving on, ready for new challenges in the social and cultural area,” she says of her departure.

There have been a few prominent departures from «SRF» in recent months: Jann Billeter, Ueli Schmezer and Stefan Büsser have also left Swiss radio and television.

Long career at «SRF »

Schärer started in 1989 at the age of 21 at what was then” Radio DRS 3 “. Then she switched to television, first to the culture magazine “Next”, then to “SRF Fernweh”, “Simply luxurious”, “Einstein” and “Box Office”. In 2005 she was involved in the conception of «Glanz & amp; Gloria ”and most recently involved in“ Faces and Stories ”.

In 2011 Schärer made her documentary “Rousseau's Children” in Alaska. She then switched back to radio and has since been the presenter of the background program “Context” on “Radio SRF 2 Kultur”. When it will be heard for the last time in “context” is still open, says “SRF”.

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