Two months ago they made their love public. During a donation gala, the presenter and the tennis professional strolled the red carpet together for the first time.

At the big« A Heart for Children »donation gala of« Bild », Sophia Thomalla (32) and Alexander Zverev ( 24) their red carpet debut – and were smooching and in love up to their ears.

Sophia Thomalla and Alexander Zverev for the first time together on the red carpet

Last week Sophia Thomalla (32) posted three cute couple pictures from vacation with her boyfriend Alexander Zverev (24) on Instagram. The two are currently enjoying themselves in the Maldives.

Sophia Thomalla and Alexander Zverev for the first time together on the red carpet

In an interview with” Bild “, the actress and the tennis player also talk about their relationship. “Sophia and I get along well and give each other the opportunity to concentrate on our jobs as best we can,” says the athlete. He speaks of a “harmonious relationship”.

That's what it's about

  • Sophia Thomalla (32) and Alexander Zverev (24) are currently considered the new dream couple in Germany.

  • The presenter and the tennis professional made their love public on October 8th with an Instagram post.

  • On the sidelines of the “A Heart for Children” donation gala, the couple gave their speech -Carpet debut.

  • In the interview they talked about their love and how they will spend their first Christmas as a couple.

It's only been two months since Sophia Thomalla and Alexander Zverev (24) made their love public via Instagram. Since then, the newly in love have regularly posted photos of their couples on their respective social media channels. On the sidelines of the “A Heart for Children” donation gala, Germany’s new dream couple finally had their first appearance together on the red carpet. In the thunderstorm of flashlights, the presenter and the tennis professional showed themselves to be turtling, smooching and decidedly casual.

“I've been tested, recovered, vaccinated, showered and made up,” jokes the 32-year-old in a short interview with “Bild”. The actress is also grateful: “I can count myself lucky, how it went for me professionally and privately this year,” and says that you might not be able to compare her life with the “normal people out there”. Meanwhile, friend Zverev just thinks it's “nice to be there for the first time” and to be able to enjoy the event with your loved one.

«We can stay together»

When asked how the couple would like to spend the approaching festive season, Thomalla replies: “Always this pressure to celebrate with the family – that always leads to arguments.” Will the couple, newly in love, spend their first Christmas together? Of course, there should still be gifts for the family, as the 32-year-old says: “The expectations are already there” – apparently especially from Mama Simone Thomalla (56).

When asked whether the tennis professional already had a present for his Sophia, he replied: “I still haven't got anything …” For her birthday a few weeks ago there was at least a present, according to Zverev. It was jewelry, as his sweetheart explains briefly. And it was apparently well received: “We can stay together,” says the actress with a laugh.

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