The American George Cacioppo was fired on allegations of pedophilia. He served as the vice president of Sony Playstation. A Youtuber had him blown.

The Playstation Vice President wanted to have oral sex with a 15-year-old make an appointment.

 Vice-President at Sony wanted to invite a 15-year-old to have oral sex

This is revealed by a Youtuber who on his channel “People v. Preds »Exposing Sex Offenders and Pedophiles.

 Vice-President at Sony wanted to invite a 15-year-old to have oral sex

The Youtuber posed as a 15-year-old on Grindr, a dating app for homosexuals.

That's what

  • The vice president of Sony Playstation has been fired.

  • He is accused of pedophilia.

  • A Youtuber pretended to be 15 and exposed him.

  • The accused wanted to meet up for oral sex via an app.

Serious allegations and hard evidence against a Vice President at Sony Playstation: George Cacioppo is said to have arranged to have oral sex with a 15-year-old. This was not revealed by the police, but by a Youtuber who hunted alleged sex offenders on his channel.

The Playstation employee was then dismissed without notice. “We are aware of the situation and have fired the employee from his position,” Sony told It is still unknown whether he will face legal consequences.

He was wearing a PS5 shirt

The Youtuber who posted Cacioppo runs a channel called “People v. Preds ». On this he hunts down pedophiles and sex offenders who meet up with children or adolescents on social media. He pretended to be a 15-year-old on Grindr, an app for gay, bisexual and transsexuals. There he found the suspect and tricked him into a meeting.

The text that led to the meeting is accessible in the video description in a Google Drive link. There you can read how Cacioppo supposedly wanted to meet for oral sex at his own house. He also made certain conditions: «No f *** ing. Just blow », is the answer to the undercover Youtuber.

Probably not a fake

In the video, the Playstation employee is finally caught and filmed in front of the house at night. A man who can be recognized as Cacioppo wears a Playstation 5 shirt and immediately fled back to his house. Meanwhile, the cameraman yells into the neighborhood and threatens to call the police.

It is unclear whether the text and the video were forged, but unlikely in view of the history of the channel. «People v. Preds »has found dozens of alleged sex offenders in the past. Some of them were officially arrested afterwards. What happens to the Vice President is unknown, Sony has not published any further statement besides the dismissal.

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