The second season of the successful Netflix series has been available on the streaming platform since the end of December 2021. Criticism was already loud at the beginning of the series. Now entertainment is getting another boost on social media.

The Tiktok user Jillian is focused on reviews and is currently criticizing the second season of the hit series “Emily in Paris”.

That's what

  • The successful Netflix is ​​about -Series started with the second season.

  • The criticism of the series applies above all to the clichéd portrayal of Paris, the French and the marketing industry.

  • Social media users are increasingly sharing their opinions about the series, which is now set to appear on Netflix for two more seasons.

The second season of the series was released at the end of December “Emily in Paris”, which launched successfully on Netflix in 2020. Shortly afterwards, more and more criticism of the superficial storytelling and the clichéd American perspective and representation of Emilie's environment became loud. The Swiss model Anja Leuenberger had already interviewed the Swiss model for 20 minutes, and she refuted most of the prejudices.

Completely unrealistic

Now the social media community is also increasingly speaking out, which describes the continuation of the series in a similarly negative way as various national and international media. The video platform Tiktok is full of content that takes the series apart bit by bit and denounces the misrepresentation of various elements of this TV show.
Already at the beginning of the series in 2020, the Tiktok user published stuffaboutadvertising a video in which she criticizes the falsely portrayed marketing world in the series and explains what the reality is like in the industry.

The user offscreenwithjillian, who specializes in reviews, doesn't leave the series too good. In the second season, which is mainly about Emilie's personal development, not much seems to be happening in terms of content or development. According to Jillian, the only development from season 1 to 2 is changing her hair from loose waves to tight curls.

The user fleacopp finds harder descriptions and is also visibly annoyed about the “disrespectful” behavior of the protagonist in this series.

«American shit ideas»

Also the influencer Pati Valpati has already shared various stories about her view of “Emily in Paris” and speaks in her current Instagram post about questionable scenes and the “American shit ideas” in the series. The comments from the community suggest that they too are bored of the superficiality and meaningless plot of the series.

The topic even reached LinkedIn

Even the platform for business contacts, Linkedin, is not spared from the discussion about “Emily in Paris”. A few days ago, Tim Renders, founder of a Berlin agency, shared his incomprehension about the unrealistic portrayal of the junior account executive. “Did I do something wrong?”

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 Social media users do not find good hair on & laquo; Emily in Paris & raquo;

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