Fear of syringes can lead people to avoid vaccinations. This is not entirely unproblematic in the pandemic. But there is a remedy – soon maybe even more than one.

Needles – for most people not comfortable, but for NM a horror. For years he has suffered from severe trypanophobia: he is afraid of needles.

 So you can get vaccinated against Covid-19 despite the fear of injections

” That's why I can't get vaccinated against Corona – although I would be ready, “says M. Bei His vaccination appointment about a month ago the panic already started in the waiting area.

 So you can get vaccinated against Covid-19 despite fear of injections

“I was fidgety and completely tense, as if I were under a severe electric shock,” says M.

That's what

  • Anyone who is afraid of needles or injections can currently not or only with Difficulty getting vaccinated against Covid-19.

  • The Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry offers brief therapy for those affected.

  • In the future, it should also be possible to administer vaccines using plasters or nasal sprays.

In the news, on posters and on social media: You can see needles being stuck into upper arms everywhere right now. For people with an injection phobia, known by experts as trypanophobia, this is a real challenge. The only thing worse is the idea that a syringe needle sticks into your own arm. Despite the sedative, N.M. was unable to attend his vaccination appointment (see picture).

How many adults reject the Covid 19 vaccination because of their phobia has so far been little researched. According to estimates, it is “around five to seven percent”, according to the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry (MPI) in Munich. If they cannot overcome their fear of injections, they are defenseless against Sars-CoV-2.

Short therapy has a success rate of 90 percent

A six-session therapy program at the MPI can help. “The short intervention is very effective, even if the fear is not completely gone afterwards, vaccinations or other interventions are usually easy to carry out,” the institute quotes Angelika Erhardt, head of the outpatient department at the MPI. 90 percent of the participants left the program with a vaccination or a blood sample, reports Zdf.de.

The MPI's short-term therapy involves so-called in-vivo exposure, an actual confrontation with what those affected are afraid of. In terms of syringe phobia, this means: In individual sessions, those affected are first informed about the disease, look at pictures, take syringes in their hands until they are finally ready to be piked with a needle. The only disadvantage of the offer: The meetings are only held in Munich. But there are also psychotherapeutic alternatives that are offered in this country.

Plaster instead of syringe

Anyone who does not want to take the step of therapy, but still wants to be immunized against Covid-19, remains to be seen first. But the signs are good that there will be alternatives to vaccination by injection in the future.

Scientists from Stanford University and the University of North Carolina have developed a vaccine patch that is made with the help of a 3D printer. This is coated on the adhesive side with tiny microneedles that are not noticeable to the user and that are moistened with the vaccine. According to a study with mice published in the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences”, a T-cell and antigen-specific antibody response that is ten times stronger than an injection is evoked via the “glue vaccination” – because the vaccine is injected directly into the Skin is brought to where numerous immune cells sit that respond instantly. In order to achieve the same vaccination effect as the vaccinations administered by syringe, less vaccine has to be used.

Vaccine through the nose

Some vaccines that are administered via nasal spray are already in the clinical trial phase. According to those responsible, the so-called intranasal vaccinations could offer several advantages: On the one hand, they do not require any needles. On the other hand, it is hoped that, unlike vaccinations administered by syringe, they could also stimulate the immune cells on the mucous membrane and help to prevent at least some of the infections.

A German-Swiss research team is also working on such a nasal spray vaccination. The group around Volker Thiel from the University of Bern used genetic engineering to generate a weakened corona virus and injected this hamster into the nose. They were protected from illness after a vaccine dose, reports Srf.ch. It remains to be seen whether the Bernese vaccine candidate will also work in humans. Thiel and his colleagues are not quite ready yet. They hope to be able to start the clinical trials in a year from now.

Are you or someone you know having trouble with the corona period?

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BAG-Infoline Covid-19 vaccination, Tel. 058 377 88 92

Dureschnufe.ch, platform for mental health related to Corona

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Industry Aid.ch, advice for affected economic sectors

Hotline for anxiety disorders and panic, Tel. 0848 801 109

Pro Juventute, advice for children and adolescents, Tel. 147

Offered hand, worry hotline, Tel. 143

Do you or has someone you know , a phobia ?

You can find help here:

Pro Mente Sana, Tel. 0848 800 858

Hotline for anxiety disorders and panic, Tel. 0848 801 109

Children's soul Switzerland, counseling for mentally stressed parents and their relatives

Association Postpartale Depression, Tel. 044 720 25 55

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Self-help groups

Pro Juventute, advice for children and adolescents, Tel. 147

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 So you can get vaccinated against Covid-19 despite the fear of injections

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