43,000 fans watched the ski race in Wengen for three days. It was streamed diligently. This has led to bottlenecks at Swisscom.

The fans pushed the Swisscom network to its limits at the ski race in Wengen.

Skiing fans bring Swisscom- Network at the Lauberhorn race to its limits

You sent twice as much data per person as in 2020.

Ski fans are pushing the Swisscom network to its limits at the Lauberhorn race

< p>Thanks to a new 5G antenna above Wengen, the data volume could be handled well for the most part.

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  • The Lauberhorn race took place at the weekend.

  • Visitors sent twice as much data per person as in 2020.

  • At one point along the race track, this came up for Swisscom to a data jam.

The race on the Lauberhorn took place at the weekend. Beat Feuz narrowly missed out on victory and took silver. More than 43,000 ski fans followed the race in Wengen over three days. The sporting event was also a challenge for the local telecom providers.

Visitors sent more than twice as much data per person on Saturday as in 2020, according to Swisscom. 277 MB per person was used. “Thanks to a new 5G antenna above Wengen, the data volume could be managed well for the most part,” says a media spokeswoman.

There was only one spot along the racetrack where there was a data jam: at Girmschbiel, the Swisscom network was overloaded at peak times. “There, in addition to the live broadcast on a screen, the race was apparently often streamed with the cell phone.”

This led to a bottleneck and for some the image probably faltered as a result. Swisscom therefore wants to take additional measures there for next year. However, telephoning worked perfectly along the entire race track, as the telecom provider assures.

This is the Lauberhorn race:

The Lauberhorn race is organized by the Fédération Internationale de Ski (FIS) with a downhill, a slalom and a Alpine combination. It has been held in Wengen in the Bernese Oberland every year since 1930. The Lauberhorn descent is particularly well-known. At around 4.5 kilometers and a journey time of around two minutes and 30 seconds, it is the longest descent in the ski circus.

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