She bites her partner, then a policeman

Officers from the Sherbrooke Police Service (SPS) started the year with a rather hectic arrest in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. A woman who had just bitten her partner during a violent quarrel then attacked two police officers when they intervened.
V ers 4 hours 30 Wednesday morning, police SPS received call from the spouse of Sherbrooke, 29, who had taken refuge outside the marital home to await rescue after an argument degenerated.

When the police arrived at the couple’s home, located in the northern part of the city, they had difficulty controlling the aggressor. The agitated woman allegedly kicked one officer and bit the other.

The woman was eventually arrested and is expected to appear by telephone during the day on Wednesday. She could be charged with assault causing bodily harm, obstructing the work of the police and assaulting the two officers in question.

She could also have to answer to a count of mischief, since she would have notably caused damage during the romantic quarrel.

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